Saturday, October 2, 2010

Knowing The Self


To know the self is to begin to know the Creator (extract understanding of a Ghadeeth-saying of the Prophet Moghammad (The Peace from God be upon him - Pbuh). The process of knowing the self begins with Feeling(sensation) and builds up to Praise of The Creator - because in discovering the Self one discovers the Magnanimity of The Creator, Allah, The Exalted). All people who realise that they are more than what their physical self and space is concerned, starts the process of search for the spirit within. When they find a trace of it/ real being they become less stressed and less dependent of the world and what is offers, and more connected with the source of all happiness - God, The exalted. Within the sea of opinions, concepts, discoveries and proofs, ideas and skepticism, many become confused, or rather allow themselves to become confused. Truth is simple. People in their efforts to belie the true yearnings of the inner-self find it difficult to let go of their baggage which attach them to earth matters abd hinder their progress. Here are a simplified integrated approach to self-discovery.

The Process

The feelings we experience creates a 1)sensation, which calls our attention to want to 2)see/ perceive/ witness the environment in and around ourselves. We store what we experience in our 3)memory, which then gives rise to 4)learning what Allah, The Exalted has given and offers us. The application of our learning gives rise to 5) Cognition, which drives/ 6) motivates the inner God Given energy (RUUGH) towards 7)Creativity - the product of the interaction between learning, cognition and motivation.
8) Intelligence allows creativity, which creates the necessity to 9) communicate our discoveries to others. For this, 10)language is needed. 11)Thought is expressed in language, which lays the foundation for 12)development. Development creates grows 13)personality, which then sets on the path of 14)self-actualization, which in turn develops 15)consciousness. The appreciation of 16)religion comes from consciousness of the possibilities of realities. The realization of 17)truths become manifest, laying the foundation for 18)Love for the Creator Allah (The Exalted) Who will give the true searcher a Light (NUUR) - an inexplicable inner attraction of beauty and value. When the person experiences this reality of the self, he/she automatically 19)Praises The Creator Allah,The Exalted with sincerity and experiential understanding - this is the actualisation of the Muslim's expression of Creed - There is No God Except Allah The Exalted, and the Final Prophet Mughammad(Pbuh) is His Messenger, who practically proved the actualization of the human spirit in action, when under Divine Guidance and Blessings. I hope we can be one of those enlightened people - God Willing - Inshaa Allah - Aamin.

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