Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Our National Association hopes to guide all stakeholders towards quality educational service to our country's children. We often find that some officials in education tend to forget that the children must be served and not used for the ends of adults. We would like thus to encourage all adults to participate in the complete national involvement of BPEC in ensuring quality educational delivery that open doors for our children. We encourage even officials of schools, businesses and government to join us in their capacity as parents, guardians and concerned adults to ensure that local and national civil servants in education play their role with dignity, professionalism and courtesy that behoves such an important position. BPEC aims the work towards the creation of an all inclusive quality assurance educational delivery for all children and youth in all educational institutions-
pre-primary, primary, high school and tertiary institutions.

Our Duties include:
1. Striving to ensure that all educational policies do not violate our children's right to learning and education - formal and informal
2. lobbying for the acceptance of all self-learning processes and practices (physical and cyber) for all education and employment considerations
3. protecting the rights of pupils, teachers, parents, principals, advisors and education officials to express their dissatisfaction without fear of reprisals from state or individual bodies 
4. to serve as mediators in disputes within the educational fraternity
5. to strive to ensure that all efforts are made to ensure that all learning institutions within communities receive the necessary protection from government to exist for its people and attain accreditation.
6. to report any misconduct of educational officials / institutions that violate the code of conduct of proper service to members of the public, to relevant official legal institutions.
7. to strive that accrediting bodies fulfill the professionalism of service they wish to uphold and that they are themselves mandated by the people whom they wish to serve and follow their body's code of conduct
8. to strive towards ensuring that training is provided to officials who wish to serve BPEC
9. Not to receive any cash/ kind for any service provided for the people via the BPEC representation. 
10. To strive to inform South African parents of their rights to ensure proper educational services from all state and private officials and organisations for their children
11. to reduce the impact of bureaucracy in all education-related organisations and institutions
12. To strive to inform the public and educational officials and ministries of the value of holistic, integrated educational models and management strategies. 

Aim of BPEC
To work towards the improvement of society through proper educational service provision to our children - setting the example to our children of truly caring adults that sincerely strive for their children's future.

Those who wish to support BPEC's endeavours may simply register their email addresses in the comment space of this Blog or simply register as a follower of the blog or sign a BPEC provided list of supporters.

Founding Executive Members
Dr. Isaacs (Passed away 2012: God's Blessings be on him) Mr.Abrahams, Dr.Arnold, Mr Malgas, Mrs Fredericks, Miss Cloete.

This Blog will be our communication channel and will advertise  the annual meetings of BPEC.

Extension of Executive membership:
Individuals with a track record of unselfish service to people will be welcomed and elected as executive members.

BPEC Achievements 
1. Successfully negotiated with the Western Cape Education (WCED) the removal of a policy they published which violated the constitutional rights of parents and students.
2. Negotiated with a school to re-assess a Grade 1 failure more carefully and successfully attained a pass for the learner
3. WCED employed one of BPEC's consultants to help them in school holistic management workshops.

Future BPEC Endeavour
Creating a platform for parents, students, business and government to establish a country-wide relevant  and free qualitative recognition of all learning achievements (formal, informal, cyber and personal) of citizens to ensure that all have access to jobs and educational institutions. It is hoped that BPEC will then serve as an overall accrediting body of citizen representation to ensure no national or international accrediting body abuse their authority to exclude public members from free access to learning recognition or institutions being charged unnecessary fees to stay open to offer quality, acceptable learning content.

BPEC Mission
To freely serve the qualitative, educational developmental interests of learners, parents, business and government to ensure the progress of all citizens and in so doing protect the freedom of each individual to progress without barriers from institutionalised bureaucracy or any form of oppression or prejudice.

BPEC Membership, affiliation and service towards quality educational service is FREE. This is to ensure that no-one benefits financially from holding office while many other committed people volunteer. BPEC is a total voluntary National Association which aims to help everyone in the country prosper to their fullest potentials - God Willing. It is hoped that the sincere service to children will generate a holistic impact that will develop all parents, business and state departments for a total South African Economic Development that all of us will be be grateful for - laying the foundations for another South African Miracle. We hope that through our selfless service to all our children and our preparedness to advise official bodies, that Goodness will spread in our country and around the world - God Willing.

BPEC Short History
BPEC was formulated and operated before internet became common use. Its original parents and business people supported a signed a physical list of signatures and addresses (since 1998, 74 signatures of support). We are hoping that the internet will help us gain wider support for the noble venture.

Appeal to Computer Savvy Adults
We appeal to all out there who wish to support the BPEC cause to Tweet, Facebook (or whatever social media are out there) the BPEC link , to help BPEC gain the wide support we so wish for. The more people who support the cause, the greater the value of its impact in our country -God Willing.

New Active, Elected BPEC Executives:
Mr Carr, Mr Malgas, Miss Hall, Dr Arnold, Mrs Luddy, Mr Soeker, Miss Kamadien, Mr Abrahams

Contact Details
Phone: 021-4243921


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