Friday, October 10, 2014

ICRA Comprehensive School - Maths-Focus School


We, at ICS, have been working towards our main aim for our school - to become a Maths-Focus School.

Having done - Alghamdu lillaah - all the groundwork over the past years, we feel ready - due to our enormous resources available to our learners in all subjects -  to tackle this awesome task - looking into the Mathematics of all discipline/subjects - in shaa Allah. In this way we hope to holistically allow our students to become excited about Maths and all subjects and have an appreciation for the value of every aspect of life - as miracles (Aayaat) of balance in the universe  - and in so doing offer them the opportunity to appreciate the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah. Through this effort we hope that they will  LOVE ALLAH (SWT) through deep understanding of His Niymaat (Blessings Granted to us) and Aayaat (Marvels) He left for us to reflect upon - in shaa Allah -Aameen.

We are presently closely working with Dr. Faiz Gierdien from Stellenbosch University Maths Teacher Training Centre, who enthusiastically provides ICS with all the necessary Maths challenges.

This aim has been formulated and based on:

1. The Qur'anic statement That Allah SWT has Created everything with QADR (measure, number, ratio, proportion, value, power, scale scope, quantity, rank, worth, divine decree, extent, sum, grade, rate, destiny, calculation)

2 .It is also motivated by the historical facts that the world uses Arabic Numerals, Algebra, Logarithms , Chemistry, Optics, the Scientific methodology - which have all been accredited, as having been invented/ founded by  Our Muslim Scholars of the Golden Islamic Era (May Allah SWT Reward them Greatly - in shaa Allah - Aameen)

3. The Arts in Islam is mathematically unique - We have thus also started the first Children's Arts in Islam Gallery in Cape Town at the school's activity centre in Tanabaru Street, Bo-Kaap .

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