Saturday, January 17, 2015

ICRA Comprehensive School: Building Renovations (Youth Job Creation and skills development under the mentorship of a Skilled Craftsman)

ICS's Principal has successfully negotiated with an all-round skilled Craftsman, Mr Soeker, to take ICS students under his mentorship - for practical technology and design assessments. ICS will thus also be preparing ICS students for the building industry early in their school career, but also ensuring that ICS students are academically sound.

ICS thus serves as a free negotiating agent for Mr Soeker's Building Renovation business, because it will serve ICS students - male and female - in job-creating opportunities in the building industry.

ICS, through this partnership, hopes to reignite the long lost Craftsmenship that the Muslim Community of Cape Town was so well known for.

We herewith encourage readers to employ ICS: Building Renovations for their home-improvement projects they wish to tackle.

Mr Soeker or The ICS Principal are contactable at 0833586089 or 0833945701 - Mr Soeker can also include building plans if the client needs complete new buildings or additions to existing buildings.

All jobs are carefully planned and professionally executed with precision care.

It is our hope that you will call on ICS to help you grow your home comforts.

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