Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I wish to share with you some Granted wisdom that came to me yesterday - Alghamdu lillah - while I was pondering on the origins of economics and its trials in western worlds - and simultaneously reflecting on the value of our DEEN/ Religious Wisdom. 

I taught the statements below to my students, asked them to memorise it and teach someone the wisdom of it. Here it is:
1. CHARITY - The Most Powerful Tool for personal and collective Freedom - based on GIVING - ends in Trust - rewarded with Prosperity.
2. VOTING - The Most Powerful Chain for Enslavement - based on WAITING - ends in Mistrust - rewarded with Degradation.
3. SELF-DISCIPLINE - Get a hold of yourself, Narrow things Down, Focus - the Reward unsurpassed Creativity.
Please share it - Memorise it - Make it part of our life - and Enjoy then each moment - in shaa Allah. Make Duaa/ Pray for each other - that sends positive energies into the Universe - and if all was ONE then each atom of thought and word will vibrate the positivity and progress we wish for each other. The core result is that fears will reduce in each of us and faith in the Divine Wisdom, Care and Protection will become evident - God Willing

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