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International abuse of women


Some women have been abused for centuries, because the majority of people of the country/ world are silent about it. Female abuse is prevalent where the male family members of the women failed in their manly duty to protect their daughters or sisters/ or all the male family members and neighbours do not try to help.

Why do men abuse women and why don't family members/ neighbours step in to help? The answers are simple, but the reasons for it difficult to admit. Men abuse women because they have a low self-esteem and need to abuse a physically less powerful human to feel good about themselves. Fathers and brothers do not support their daughters and sisters because they are scared. Neighbours don't help, because they do not want to get involved. How did this happen and how can it be remedied? That is the challenge for all men and women who regard themselves as full humans.

Women are beautiful and has the body parts to satisfy the basal desires of a man - his drive to have sex and be released. If he can contain a weak woman, with his brute strength, subdue her, then he can have forced sex with her, giving him the needed sexual pleasure of an animal. This is the core reason behind all the abuse of men of women. They have even created religious cults to condone multiple marriages with many women for the service of their gods. Some have even deliberately used wholesome faiths, twisted its truths and claimed that their sexual practices have religious backing. This female abuse could continue, because the religious leadership are dominated by men. And 'good men' who want to enjoy some status among such crooked leaders, will silently condone the twisted truths, to gain access to their own leadership position. Some men in leadership thus speak what is "politically correct" / or keep quiet with regard to the abuse of women. These "accomplices" hope to enjoy the sexual advantage that might come their way one day - as long as other leaders create the untruths about the treatment of women. Women are the men's road to heaven or hell, in this world and the next. This statement will be qualified as we proceed with this article.

Human beings must make every effort to stop the abuse of women. This will save the abused and the abuser from digging a hole for himself in which he will inevitably fall. Sickness and death must visit the abuser. If you are an abuser then save yourself the humiliation of this life and the next, because you will certainly be paid back for the ill you have caused others. There are many who deny the existence of God in order to create an illusion that they are not accountable to anyone. After the act - if they are not Satan's playmate - they will feel a sense of remorse which is the beginning of punishment or mercy - it depends whether the abuser chooses to remedy his behaviour or not. Those who feel no remorse, are destined for Hell - the place of immeasurable punishment, guarded by angels who execute the command given to them, with precision. This article is aimed to discourage abuse and create an opportunity for everyone to make every effort to stop the abuse of women.

Appreciation of WomenOn this Women's Day (9-8-2010) I herewith start the process (by The Grace and Permission of Allah,The Exalted) requesting my fellow males and myself to increase our realisation of the Value of women. My wife has just called me that breakfast is ready, with the sweetest tone and voice. I pray that God Bless her and raise her status in this world and the next - Inshaa Allah (God Willing).Many reject the guidance Islam gives, while others use it without referencing their source. Some, Muslims again fail to see the value of their own faith, while others from the Muslim communities in the world, deliberately, for personal -, exploitive reasons, claim that their abuse of women, has an Islamic base. That cannot be true because Islam means peace, security, safety, soundness, secure, unharmed, intact, faultless, certainty, unimpaired, certain, unobjectionable. If the Prophet Mughammad (Peace & Blessings of Allah-The Exalted-on him) is reported to have stated that NO MUSLIM COMMITS A SIN - and when asked, by his companion why he made such a statement, he replied THAT WHEN A PERSON COMMITS A SIN HE/SHE IS NOT A BELIEVER IN GOD BUT A FOLLOWER OF SATAN - HIS/HER FAITH HAS THUS LEFT HIM/HER AT THE TIME OF COMMITTING THE EVIL ACT - AND ONLY WHEN THE PERSON FEELS REMORSE FOR HIS/HER SIN DOES THE FAITH IN GOD RETURN. That thus translates that if a woman abuser does not feel any remorse for his abuse of women, he is not a believer. This is dangerous for him - if he dies while still not having felt a sense of remorse - he dies a kaafir ( a non-believer in God). That the Creator has not Created a human with two hearts - is thus clear - one is not able to believe in God and follow satan at the same instance in space and time. Abusing a women is a grave offense, because God has placed an enormous amount of Good in them. We see it in their patience, their unselfish service (even to an abusive husband) and their commitment to their children, even trying to do the father's job if he is too selfish to be a true man in the household. A simple example of the way men abuse women - she often puts out the dirt, while he lays in bed. What man lets his wife venture the cold morning air and let her beautiful hands handle the dirt and filth of the house? We are made physically strong to protect them. care for them and support them - not to lie in bed while she ventures into the elements. And don't tell me you go work for her everyday in the cold and rain. That's your duty as a man, and the least you can do for feeding you and giving you the most tranquil experience in life - LOVE, SEX and VALUE. "How did I value my Wife today?" is the constant question we as men must ask ourselves? Why, because God teaches us through His Prophet Mughammad (Pbuh), that the best men are those who are the best with their wives. Thus it is understood that the worst men are the worst with their wives. A wife is a trust from God. We know whoever abuses the Trusts from God, will surely be punished - if he makes no amends.

Why Does The Abuse Continue?
Cultures, Legal systems and Economic infrastructure are still primarily in the hands of men, who often, due to their insecurities, still prejudice women. South Africa is trying to remedy it, but the wheel of justice and the legacy of female abuse is so entrenched, that its effectiveness is not as it is wished for - but some prosecutions have led men to step in line more readily. Generally women have to speak up for themselves. To my knowledge men do not seem to want to speak freely about women's rights and proper treatment publicly. Are they afraid they are going to lose their "friends"?

There is no special local or international task force that can be sent out to protect women from abuse.
Our family men are also so weak and untrained that they are ineffective to protect their sisters and daughters - but more, because the legal system does not respect the rights of family to protect their daughters from their husband's abuse.

How can the family prevent female abuseMale family members must visit their sisters / daughters regularly. Keep an open ear to their sisters/ daughter's complaints and make a point of developing the necessary skills to stop and prevent female abuse. Set up conversations of positive treatment of women with the son/brother-in-law. Make it known to him what will be done should any abuse happen in the household. If the fathers or brothers are already abusive, the in-laws will take advantage of the existing platforms of abuse. It is thus clear if men generally abuse women and don't speak up for women and women's appeals are not listened to, then more and more men will enter the statistics of abusers.

How can the state and international community reduce/ stop abuse

A state must be prepared to start courses for young and older men in protecting women from financial, physical and emotional abuse. These courses can be offered post- matric. Selected students can become cadets, soldiers, investigators, counselors, financial advisers and medics specialised in protecting women from all forms of abuse. Each country will then choose only the most qualitative men to man this special task force to directly deal with abusive men and situations. An international force can be drawn from all the countries' best men, those who value the fight against female abuse, on all fronts. This special task force will work towards ensuring the protection of all females in the world 24/7.

This protective services should not function in isolation, but within a country where a culture of female protection and male courtesy is valued. Another most important social factor that must be developed is the freedom of women to propose to good men and the preparedness of men to accept a woman's marriage proposal. This will also reduce the incidence of female abuse, because abusive men will know that the wife has the freedom to propose to any other good man, and that there are eager good and strong men, waiting for such proposals and ready to serve. These suggestions needs lots of digestion among a world that has deprived women overtly and subtly.

The Islamic Faith has given the social and legal structures for such a society, but the abuse of women in "Muslim" countries and by "Muslim" men, has tainted the reality of the practice of Islam in the true sense. Why did this happen among Muslims? would be your question. Well it does happen in all societies, but the media will highlight "muslim" male abusers, because the media is aware that it should not be. They know Islam stands for peace and beauty.The media is also calling every country and man to task to live the truth of courtesy towards women. What went wrong to the Abusive "Muslims"? Soon after the Prophet Mughammad's (Pbuh) death, some Muslims reverted back to their old habits and customs and they were often the more boisterous and argumentative ones thus pushing their disturbed ideas more and more as time went by, merging customs with faith and in the end confusing more and more communities from to the reality of the Freedom of individual progress of all people. This could also happen, because good men became weak in standing up against such aggressors. The Muslim societies  then generally accepted the demands of the distorters of truth. It is thus an attempt by me here to revitalise good Muslim and other men to regain their strength to prevent female abuse.

Caution, dear women
This article does not call women to revolt against their husbands. It asks all to help stop female abuse of all kinds. It tries to bring a practice of abuse under scrutiny. I am not unaware of women who abuse their husbands, or treat their sons with such disgust and constant deprivation, that some sons have turned into women haters and even went to far as to become violet wife abusers, rapists and murders - may God protect us all - God Willing.

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