Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Educational Policies Change


When this happens it sounds a bell that
1. the adults who are in charge of education did nor think deep enough in the first place
2. their educational thought is not holistic
3. that politics seems to take preference over quality service
4. that every new person in charge, due to democratic structures, needs to show something new in order to gain votes
5. general lack of interest in children and parents
6. that there rather seems an attempt to create jobs for policy makers and their entourage for the next 5 years.
Whatever the sounds, it does indicate a lack of credibility of those in charge of education, of all the political parties and academia for they are surely not able to ensure the sustainable success of learners in a continuous and growing manner. The chop and change confuses the principals, teachers, pupils and parents for the next 5 years.

Flaws when trying to mend Education failure

Educational planners often think that having more tests and monitors constitute better education. If your teaching methods of school planning and management of learning are archaic then no amount of tests and curriculum changes are going to make any difference. The following are the core reasons for the consistent drop in the quality of educational delivery all over the world
1. period structures and compartmentalization of learning content
2. Disregard for the knowledge, excitement and energy of learners who have surpassed the adults in available global learning access.
3. Lack of knowledge of principals to motivate staff, learners, parents and communities to go beyond the narrow visions of educational authorities, who inevitably are hamstrung by the policies of their political parties.
4. lack of knowledge of the real global economic trends and needs
5. The crash of the old economic model of free-enterprise and market-interest-related economic thought has simultaneously killed the old market-related educational infrastructures that fed the illusionary market trends and bases.

Without the realisation of the above all systems of education must fail in its implementation, because its goal and structures have rusted and are not in tune with reality. If children of a society have no work after they finish school and university, then the government, business and all its structures have failed that society.It is difficult to motivate a child to go to school when there are no jobs for the youth in the market place or in state service. How can you motivate a people if some races are given preferences over other and all the children/ youth and not seen to, with sincerity,while we are all aware that they are the drivers of economic progress - economic force of a nation? A country with a high unemployment rate has failed its people.

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