Sunday, April 6, 2014

Running a Country Successfully is not Rocket Science !


Running a country successfully is not rocket science, because all it needs is trust, honesty, care, service and hard work. All have it. Few use it, but many abuse it - by not using it/ or pretending to use it. It is then obvious that a few of these people can lead the masses.

Politics has been riddled with dishonesty - because it often centres around wheeling and dealing with funders to keep the political party going. Yet the masses still believe in the systems of governments that keep failing them - hoping that the next leader will be better, forgetting that if the structure of government stays the same, any one placed in it - however noble the intention - is forced to toe the line and eventually again become unpopular - unless he/she has the power to change the core structure how governments operate.

South Africa has made history with a bloodless take-over by the masses and now faces problems because of internal politicking and misappropriation. But citizens are now hoping to go to the poles and vote in a new government (2014). Voting is not an act of empowerment, but rather an act of disempowerment. The individual gives another the power to lead him/her while forgoing the responsibility to act in the interest of others. It is then understandable that the voter will be disillusioned, because he/she has shirked his/her basic human right not to depend on others and to do the work he/she can do him-/herself.

Running a country is purely about doing for others what they are not able to do themselves - connecting all - with legal support (internet has made people able to connect, but only the few who have resources - the greater majority are still unconnected and exploited). It is about identifying your people's talents, gifts, strengths, abilities and aptitudes and giving them the freedom to serve each other unselfishly so that everyone can benefit - and rewarding them. A leader of a country is the kind of person who motivates, integrates and accelerates the service to each other without first seeing to him/herself from the resources of others. Leaders are not voted in. Leaders are chosen from their track record of service to humanity, but when such leaders operate in a government structure that is bad then their leadership fails.

South Africa has an excellent constitution - and a people who are tolerant. These two ingredients can make for a very successful country that can again make history.

What is needed is that the trustworthy, honest few in each family and community must be chosen and they in turn must choose, from among themselves, the most trustworthy, honest, caring and strong leadership team. Those chosen must meet as a group. Such a group will among themselves choose their leader of excellence from among them. It will then be easy for them to put their trust in their leader, because they are the honest, trustworthy ones - elected by the good people of the masses. This needs the belief that "a honest few can make a big difference and an unguided mass wreck havoc".

The leader, under the advisory of the honest "board", will have the final say after listening to every honest one's opinion. Trust is a given amongst honest people. Mistrust is prevalent in a group that do not know each other's work ethic. The trusted few were chosen by their own people based on their work ethic track record. An election of true leaders is not impossible, because life always shows us who are the trustworthy, honest, hardworking, selfless people - but the often masses choose to ignore it, because they often support the popular ones -so that they get popularity and then they believe that popular mass unity is power. It is the yearning for popularity and power that allow the masses to be fooled by voting for self-appointed groups who manoeuvre and sweet-talk to get elected by a mass of ill-informed, gullible people who have power and not honesty as their focus. It is not surprising that after the vote the same masses are disillusioned. Many do not realise that ONLY the unity of good people is powerful even if they are a few. But when the good people fail to unite and have the strength to come forward to serve, all will suffer.

The trustworthy leader must then make every effort to harness the goodness of his/her nation to serve as many people's needs as possible and take the responsibility to serve those, the masses are unable to reach. In such a case the service provision is large and the budget small. This will leave an enormous amount of money available to advance the country. When a leader provides the needs of the people from the people, he/she needs less staff to run the country. A government that waits for people to ask for their needs, needs a large staff to deal with all the complaints and requests and in the process billions are spent on an enormous staff complement that really do not care for the people they serve, but only the money they can earn - few in government do care, but they are overwhelmed by bad elements and flawed structures. This is where the crux of the problem of modern-day governments lie - large groups of people, in divergent departments, dealing with requests and complaints that could have been seen to if government just went out and serve, instead of waiting for the people to come to them and beg - that is power-play, not powerful leadership.

The power of people's real honesty, care and service can be seen in the reports on natural disasters  - when the financial and physical help of just the people outstripped the governments contribution and help they could give the nation. Well that should be enough evidence that we can help ourselves if we can tap into our true human qualities and stop depending on others. Each of us has something to give another to supply the needs of everyone - without a large body of state officials who are often in meetings and never available.

What all people need is a free, good and unrestricted holistic education, medical care and safety and security. It is often that when a community is well knit and supportive that all these needs are available without any state department intervention. A very good example are indigenous peoples who fend for themselves, thrive and live in peace - it is only when multinationals with state help converge on indigenous people that all problems occur.

The known facts of the above calls upon us to get going in guiding the process of self-sufficiency and progress for every family,  community and country.


  1. I fully agree with what you are saying. Well written and concise. Just wish everyone would think like this. Insha Allah. God knows best

    1. Shuk'ran for your comment Rabia - it is encouraging to know that there are people, like yourself, who value what was stated. I would like to continue on this very important article, but I am so busy now - make duaa that Allah (SWT) Grants me the strength, health and wisdom to continue and be able to implement such a hopeful event such that all people can benefit - in shaa Allah