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ICS Poems

786 : ICRA Comprehensive School
Curriculum Related Poems Written by M.F.Arnold 

Help One another, to have the Strength and Wisdom of The Elephant, with the Control of The Lion, Through the Speed and Agility of The Cheetah, While in Camouflaged like The Tiger, To be as Huge, Caring, Cuddly, Secure and Powerful like The Bear, Topped by the Healing Qualities of The Camel.

When it's inside it wants to move,When it's released it can be Proved. Energy is Heat and can Defeat, Transfer from Here to There. It's a Force without Compare, It causes Changes in The Main. Without its Presence, All's in Vain.

Resource Use without a Thought, Can Destroy what can't be Brought. Trees, Rivers, Animals, Are Precious Gifts not found in Malls. Save the Air and be so Fair, For Generations still to Bear, Conserve, Preserve And Find Alternatives.

The Glut of Man for Money, Made Factories Dull the Sunny. Poison Gases Increase, Melting many a Freeze, Sea Rises People out of Houses, Animals Lose their Way, For Climates no-longer Stay.

A Cycle of Carbon, for Making Food.A cycle of Nitrogen, for Soil so Good.While the Cycle of Water is there to Soothe. The Cycle of Life, from Birth to Death, Relies Entirely on Clear Breath. All Cycles Integrate, at specific Time and Date, All Designed by The One So Great, for All of Us to Appreciate.

A Balance Diet, Feeds Body and Mind, Makes Good Sense, to be Fine. Lots of Fruits and Vegetables, Give Needed Growth and Minerals. Some Fats and Carbohydrates for Energy and Needed Weight. Water is Essential, For Transport of Solubles.

SA HISTORY: The Khoi were Here, The Dutch They Feared, Who later Shot their Spear. The English Broke the Dutch Control, and Later Gave the Boers the Role. Apartheid Fears by All Dark-Skinned, Turned to Fighters Highly Skilled. Democracy in '94, United All, Not Seen Before.

They have a Voice, That We Must Hear, For Safety, Care and Nurture. Education is Their Right. For Freedom did they Fight. Association is now Free. Apartheid made many Flee. Refuse Abuse, There's no Excuse for Adults to be Fair.

Read, Peruse, Study and Teach, This is the First Instruction for Each. Poetry, Prose Stood for a While, was Totally Deposed by Qur'anic Style. Arabic, The Language to Refelct, Develops Acute Intellect.Engilsh sentence Broadens Deep, Through Arabic Roots, Interchanging Leaps. Word, Phrase, Sentence, Feat, Bring Messages from Many a Seat. Learn to Earn and do not Spurn, The Reading Power of Constant Churn. Language Builds People's Pride, Who Stand Firm and do not Hide.

Die Taal is Jonk. Het nouGeenPronk, Want Staat was teGehok. GeenWetenskap het nogOntbloot, want Engels het alsGesloot. Die Bo-Kaap Muslims het dit Begin, so Het Dr. AchmatDavids'nGraadGewin. Met Arabiese Letters in KaapsGeklank, het Afrikaans veel toe te Dank. WaarGaanditWeessoosjare Sleep? Want Engels is in Elke Meet

Entrepreneurs take some Risks, Well Calculated and often Swift. Initiatives they Take, For Product is what they make. Price-setting, Marketing, Personnel and Packaging. Management Accounting Makes Profitability Exciting. Unemployment would have Been, If Businesses were Never Seen.

Everything is in Number, Used by Everyone, Even the Plumber. Multiply, Divide, Add and Subtract, Create a Science that is very Exact. Arabic Numerals we all Use, for Qur'an and Science are Holistically Fused. Shape, Volume, Depth and Height, Bring Capacity into Sight.Algebra and Logarithms, The Arabs Brought, Allowing Balance, Harmony and Critical Thought.

To Plan cuts Costs, You would have Lost, by being too Carefree. An Overview is all it Needs, To Start a Process with a Speed. Creative Juices start a Spree, With Aim, Tools, Design and Make, Review, Report and Right Mistakes, Expose Ideas from Thought to State. Let's Not Delay, What we can Say, Through Work Well Planned is All Child's Play.

Discoveries and Inventions, Use Materials in All Dimensions.Plastic, Glass and Metals, Composites, Ceramics and Whiskers. Carbon Fibres, Nylon, Bakelite and Teflon. All Combined and some Waste, Cause Environ Dangers in The Haste. Care is Needed with its Use, To Prevent a Human Noose.

Creative Edge Presents a Mood, Through Colour, Line and Pattern Smooth, Tone, Texture and Design, Make Compositions Clearly Shine. Dimensions, Angles, Pitch and Plot, Send Messages to Audience a Lot. Displays, Ads and Promotions, Bring Response through Nations.

Centred, The Nucleus, Electrons around, within Energy Levels Absolutely Profound. The Octet Rule for Electron-Share, makes New Substances for those Who Dare. Elements so Pure, Molecules a Mix, Give New Materials a Compound Fix. The Atomic Orbits, like Heavenly Bodies - in Total Service from The ONE, Who Loves, the Needy Humans and The Doves. Flight a miracle to Observe, for those who want to Serve, The One Who Gave All, Nerves.

When I read, I shall feed, The Best part of myself. To search, To delve through words and style, to Reference for a while.
The Grammar I might learn, To analyse and churn,Some new skills of analysis. But what is best for me to do, Is to write a sentence of my own, or two, to check my own consciousness.
Work, is true, is what it will take. Instead of giving sport all stakes, What benefit will it be for me To read, understand and try to see the new worlds that set us free?
Don’t be captured by indecision, because you have little provision to know the difference between right and wrong, because your reading is not that strong.
Start the process, with urge and vigour, So that you can be a new trigger, That builds a world of peace, Through understanding how others feel, while you have been part of deal to encourage reading as a nourishing meal.

I could work, I should work, But I often Don’t. What am I doing., when I cannot decide? Am I on my own side? NO! Surely NOT ! A second it will take, To work and make, What will surely Bring From it Lots of Benefit.
“Work now, Play latter” Says the wise Investor.
It is understood, that work will always be  good

COMMENT on Dr. M.F.Arnold's CURRICULUM POEMS (By Prof. Y. Mohamed:UWC)
The Poems Capture, The Essence of Each Science. They are Suitable, for Young and Noble Minds. The Impression they Make, On Innate Human Nature, Will Ultimately Lead to Knowledge of The Creator.


MisPlaced Art - by M.F.Arnold
They Celebrated, Colour-Art that Fits.They Lauded Political Entrenchments.ORLost Love, Loneliness,Suffering and Death -Topics for Literary Analysis. Dark The Mood,,Heavy the Tone..Light so Needed !Happiness Seeds !Faith to Hold !Well Foretold -But Less Uphold,Where Bitterness Bold..Unleash! Break Loose from Fettered World Views !Make NEWS !

Analysis of "MisPlaced Art"

The title suggests that literary arts were misplaced - out of the context of its real possibilities. The poet refers to "White Supremacy" in the literary world, that only published (celebrated) arts - poems, drama, film and media - that give credibility to their notions/ preoccupations of/with race, colour, or creed - which serves to entrench the cultural divides/separations (Colour Arts that Fits/ Entrenchments), and place English as the supreme culture. The poet also bemoans (OR) the use of poetry to express loneliness, loss, love, suffering and death (lines 5 & 6)   for literary discourse/ discussion/review/ critique etc. There is a sense in the poem that darkness, suffering and disappointment should not be published at the expense of joy and happiness (Line 10 & 11). The poet seems to disregard that poetry, film, song, and general negative/ dark arts are often personal outlets for deep depression of individuals/ communities - a positive way of giving vent to(expressing) their frustrations, heartaches and depression - instead of murder, suicide, root or destruction. The poet's appeal for happiness and light is a call for positivity in the Arts. The poet reminds the reader of the Prophets (Peace be upon them) who brought good news and hope to the believers (Well foretold). The poem has a motivational tone, because it encourages the reader to "break loose" from the chains of world obsessions (fettered). The poet calls for creative work - "Make News !" that will benefit all - instead of focusing all efforts on lamenting over past trauma's and hardships. The poet calls for individual strength, faith and hope (faith to hold - line 12). The general mood and expression of the poem is positive in that it gives advice and critically and constructively questions existing literary genre (types). It calls on the reader to think out-of-the-box (Make News!)

Life Orientation by M.F.Arnold

To be aware, what skills and flair,
Could make for you the success you dare.
Life roles rapped in decision-making
Calls for solid foundations in your taking

Stress is sure through life’s curves and swirls
Develops coping-mechanisms and new worlds.

Self-control and responsibility
Removes abuse, stereotyping and gender non-reasonability.
Environment does form a part
In creating Everlasting new Charts

Benevolence, Equality and Ethics
Create a Pluralism that lays the Basics.
Consideration, Tolerance are High on the List
Of Solving social issues that could draw Fist

Assertiveness prevents abuse,
While giving quality to careers you choose.
Transformation of Self and others
Saves The Bill of Rights from smothers

Body Fitness and Health concerns,
Bring health promotions with its Earns.
Re-dress through Media, Law and Sport,
Builds a nationsthrough Safety sought.

Finance is needed for Market Trends
Where learning, tasks, jobs will Mend
A Society that Controls when on a Bend.

Your Contribution as a Prospector,
In Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sector,
Brings conditions in Sight
For a Nation in Flight.

Use Power Wise and you will Prize
Values, Commitment and Knowledge of how to Economize.
Flexibility and Multi-task
Will Surely bring a Life that Bask.

Mathematics by M.F.Arnold

An Exact Science.
Is it Number, is it Shape
Or Relationship?
Formulae create Equivalence
That Draws the Platform for Excellence.
‘x’ is equal to What’s on the other side,
Divided by What was next to ‘x’
Is the constant issue in Mathstext.

Finding a sequence allows predictions
To Solve a Problem or Prevent Afflictions.
Graphs from Data as quick glance Reference
Can prevent Predominance.
Change is inevitable,
But Algebraic Balance so Comfortable.

y=ax2 + c, the Parabola
While xy = k, the Hyperbola
Differs from
x2 + y2 = r2 the Circle
and y=mx+c the Straight line principle

On The Cartesian Plain, they all reflect in symmetry,
Translate and rotate
The Science is called Isometry
Where areas change with ordered pair entries.

Scale for enlargement and reduction
Bring the photocopy into production.
Probability is chance clothed in percentage dance

Complete the Table,
Find the Product and Summarise.
Topography of Fractions for Expansions.
All’s but Practice for Brain Growth
To Prevent human froth.

Investigate is the Core Agenda
In Real Life Context Splendor.
Math location and production,
Give Measured Opportunities
For Positive Communities

Love by M.F.Arnold

Love is Divine, Challenged by Evil, Strengthened by Truth, Shaken by Deceit. Healed  by Openness, Built by Giving. Drowned by Silence, Enhanced by Exposure. Fixed by Hope. Aimed at Tranquility, Focused by Spirit,. Wholesome, as Feeling. Oneness, The Reward – Valued for the Joy it Brings.

Educational Crisis by M.F.Arnold

Learning is not Education-for Education Control
Calls Monitoring for every Role,
A Mistrust of the soul.

External Assessors "evaluate" what markets Dictate
The Place where no child rate
Only investments instigate.

Learning is Freedom,
A Divine Gift for a human,
Often resisted as - "informal, mundane, no structure"
Yet discovers New Raptures
From which Progress Matures.

Learning- Trust - Inherent
Assessors Redundant
Progress a Given,
Respect a Proven.

Education Group Peers,
Creating Fears,
Letting Gangs be revered
Education, a human construct,
Bound to Destruct.

Self-learning Enhance,
Prescriptive Schools a Dumb Dance.
Periods Fractionalise.
Holism Revitalise.

Holistic Leisure Learning, The New Paradigm,
HLL, The Solution Sign.

Design - by M.F Arnold

Deconstruct to make a Sign,
That is part of De-sign.
Ideas, Shapes, Colours, Surface, materials, Font, Dimensions,
A Challenge that requires Attention.
Inspire, Delight, Appeal and Feel,
The Brief to Capture the Deal.

A "Problem-solving" - so analyse, select, critique, revise, reflect, produce,
From sketch on instinct to infuse
A Value that Imbue

Iterative Process - Judges variations for intended use.
Worst-cas-scenario, parameters, gauge, expectations - not a cruise.
Is it Bold, Vivid, Unusual and Clash ?
Making it act like a Flash?
That illuminate, reflect, inherent beauty - divine,
Making it Shine.

Inner Logic to engage
Creative Freedom without estrange
Appropriate attempt
For Novelty that exempts
From boring, over-indulgent, sloppy Pre'sents

Success has Limitations and Freedom,
Guidelines and Rules,
Exploration and Expectations.
Design that Jump out at us, Sustains Multiple Interpretations.

History - Who Knows by M.F.Arnold

Fire or Cold wars
The Results of Resource Manipulation
The Origin of Indoctrination
The Tools - Media & Education.

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Fanaticism,
All boils down to Extremism
Coated in various forms of Euphemism.

Is it Freedom or Market Tricks of the Rich?
Is it interest for All or Benefit for the Controlling Few?
Is it Apartheid or Good Neighbourliness?
Is it Democracy or Consensus for Personal Interests?

Only the Secret Police Knows,
And Media gets what It throws.

Control has many Guises
Fools get many prizes,
Even for selling the wise.
Informants rule real news
and nobody can really choose.

What Freedom exists if the Ego gets Fed?
When God's forgotten, all will be Dead.

Tourism by M.F.Arnold

A Leap of Faith
That's what it takes
To Travel to a Foreign Place.

New Religions Reflect in Cultures
Arts, Festivals, Ceremonies and Nurtures,
A true growth of Inner Natures
A new Self it brings to Light
A step in a destined flight

Prejudice for fight
A stereotype with no right.
Travels DO Enhance Insight
Near to God is a traveller's heart
Out of comfort from Home did he start
A journey with expectations
That Rewards a Multitude of New Relations

Educational Solution by M.F.Arnold

Holistic Leisure Learning
Aims to Motivate the child through earning
Respect for Self & Spiritual yearning,
To prevent the current subverting.

Prescriptive Curriculum and Assessment Guidelines
Detract from True Learning Paradigm.
Trust is Needed
Monitoring has ceded
the flow of learning
Necessary for nation churning.

Nature, people, Languages, Trade.
Calculations, Construction, Micro-Telescopic,
Seven Activity Areas
Unifying Vast Arenas

Motivate, Integrate and Accelerate,
The HLL Moto debunks "educate"
for children and facilitators know the inner-self can extrapolate
With Guidance, towards Extra-ordinate !

Give HLL a Chance
So that its Stance
Can take us all out of the trance
that prescriptive ways can enhance.

Awareness by M.F.Arnold

Critical Skills, without interconnected Value,
Is like isolating ingredients, but Missing the Meal.
Duality, without Complimentary Necessity,
Is like a Mother and Father forgetting their Parenthood.

Science & Maths, as separate subjects,
Denies their Interdependent Processes.

Multiplicity is Unity
And Unity Creates Multiplicity.
This Awareness Builds Communities,
Through Individual Consciousness
of Divine Connection,
Who Grants Personal Growth & Social Benefit.

Schools have longed to individualise, to create
Competitive animals for cut-throat profit drivers,
To serve rich manipulators.
The market Crash in 2008/9,
Demolished "It is all mine !"
Ushers in the Need for The Divine.

Charity came to Save
the Chaotic Waves.

Research now proves Divine Order.
Submission, Attains Permission,
Refuting Evolution
and Establish the Ever-Present Revolution:
"all for One and One for all".

The Prophets, be Blessed,
who long taught how to Assess
The Value of True Success.

Water: By M F Arnold

A miracle it is. With ease it can freeze. Half in the Sun. With it, enormous Fun. Simple in structure. High in Stature. No-one can make. What The KING Has Stake! To Give or to Take. Thanks is Paramount for those of character – Sound. Commonly wasted. Rarely appreciated. Lost…emaciated. A thought – Who Brought? Without – absolute naught ! Those who see, Care will be, To exist and to be Free

Graphs by M.F Arnold
1.       Graphs - pictures from data
2.       Maxima and Minima
3.       Low and high
4.       Can cause a sigh

5.       Excitement it shows
6.       When potentials grow
7.       For flexibility in life
8.       With its strife.

9.       Info captures Delight!

10.    It easily reflect
11.    In pairs select
12.    Dotted, Spotted, Allotted.

13.    In space and time
14.    Speed and distance
15.    Each on axis
16.    X and Y
17.    Calibrated, Stipulated, Manifested.
18.    Showing a trend
19.    That often bends
20.    With Expectations - to defend.

Biodiversity – by M.F.Arnold

1.       Animals, Plants, Insects, Man
2.       All together in the same “Stand”
3.       Growth and sustenance
4.       On inter-dependence
5.       A Vision to keep on hand

6.       Ignorance destroys
7.       The many joys
8.       It brings to all
9.       Who stand tall
10.    Against those who maul?

11.    Ecosystems conserved
12.    Ensures and preserves
13.    The markets that flow from each deserve

14.    Jobs are scarce
15.    If many flares
16.    The destruction of habitats

17.    Consider the Stats
18.    And be one who acts
19.    In the interest of all – to be exact !

Creativity by M.F.Arnold

1.       Creativity and Divinity
2.       Is the reality of Unity.
3.       Allowing the flow
4.       Is to know
5.       That self can delve
6.       In the Field That wields
7.       The creative vibrations
8.       For great intentions

9.       Creativity is stumped
10.    By the controlling Dumbed
11.    Where systems grope
12.    To Dope
13.    Who refuse hope

14.    Creativity is Ready
15.    When one gets steady
16.    To submit to the many
17.    Possibilities of plenty

18.    Certifications of Frustrations
19.    Meant for manipulations
20.    To benefit a few in hierarchical nations.

21.    Wake-up to inner search
22.    That creatively merge
23.    The many talents we so often subvert
24.    To satisfy those aimed to hurt

25.    No more waiting
26.    Others’ creating
27.    What we could do
28.    If we only choose
29.    The Field that waits
30.    For one to enter its Straights.

Balance by M.F.Arnold

1.       Two extremes
2.       Calls for choice
3.       Creating discomfort
4.       Of some sort

5.       Thought is guidance
6.       Within a distance
7.       Brought near
8.       When no fear
9.       Is brought into the equation.

10.    Balance to take
11.    Is based on intake
12.    Of the greater good the choice will make

Accounting by M.F.Arnold

Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles
Creates the GAAP
That Ensures a TRAP
For no Financial Mishap

Bookkeeping Finances
Secures Economic Advances
Costs, Time, Disclosure and Materiality
Conserves Revenue
For greater reliability

A going concern
Is the Result in turn
For Governments yearn

For all to benefit and earn.

Geography by M.F.Arnold
Longitude and Latitude
Gives direction
For place perfection

The angle of the sun’s rays
Where the land lays
Definitely influence how people stay
Dress for weather
Eat what’s nearer
Plants and animals
Food in intervals

Temperature, wind
Moister and rain
Affects the resources for gain

Production varies
As Population tarries
To survive the drive
For heritage thrive
In environment hives

Set the norms
While Culture and tradition
Develops through religion
Tells the stories of adaptations
Of all nations in many positions

Infrastructure helps navigation
Through land, sea with instrumentation
Space spots new possibilities

Mapping new realities

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