Thursday, April 30, 2015

Solution to the Educational Crisis and Unemployment


The world's educational crisis is proven by the crash of the global Capitalistic "Free-market" economy in 2008/9 - when large American Banks had to be saved by Government Bailout - yet these bailouts were on loans from the international rich, creating further government debt that cannot be paid back except by fictitious printed money which is not backed by precious metals. Western Governments are in a crisis and its educational and economic failures prove it.

Arab countries succeeded in buying many western banks and businesses but are now tricked into wars to destabilise them. What is interesting is that Eastern countries are now buying failed western education and business strategies under the illusion that it will bring them the lost power of the west - they simply do  not understand English and are blinded by western military - "prowess" which showed its weakness by not being able to topple the invaded Islamic countries. What they are hoping to do is to leave their disruptive ideologies in these "backward" countries in order to make money out of their ignorance. Mass ignorance is economically viable for the individual "intellectuals" who first educationally deprive a conquered nation/ indigenous people, then exploit them as cheap labour , then allow a small minority to taste the academia ego trips, which protect their skewed ideologies of bureaucracies and control through "strategic management" which is entrenched by educational institutions. The core analysis of the failed western education and economic models lies in fragmentation of knowledge and its management styles.

Education cannot thrive through periods and subject differentiation by disoriented specialist teachers, managed by monitoring systems that drive fears in the hearts of learners, teachers and principals. The large unemployment rate in the modern, capitalistic economies calls upon business to reject state education and consider individual achievements formally and informally for recruitment and to train on the job - a much more economical strategy.

Education from creative individuals and communities must then be acknowledged by business and  standardised formal education that traps the creativity of a young person  must not be a criteria for recruitment. Communities need to be encouraged to minimally contribute to the employment of their youth into basic services such as medical care, safety, food production, cleaning and maintenance, and personal tuition services etc. That does not mean that state education must be ignored. No it should then be helped by the creative individuals and community institutions that value people in general. This creates jobs and creates a valuable society, without the dependence on exploitive systems of education and economic management strategies.

Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) and NoDebtyouth (open these in this blog) are the answers to the education and economic problems of any country, only if the blinkers of brainwashed members of society can be shaken off and their self-worth be revitalised - in shaa Allah.

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