Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Mathematical Equation of Faith

I = C.P.A.W.T = CTh = Gh = IP = S =1

I - Islamic Faith (may also refer to the self-"I" in search of Guidance)

C - Contemplation/ Reflection on the value of things, persons, situations and occurrences  (Ta-fak-kur) as the Marvels of Allah (SWT)

P - Piety - staying away from all forms of Evil, because it is a hinderance

A- Adab (courtesy towards Allah SWT, His Creations,which include mankind)

W - sincere application of knowledge and skills to transform self and all environs - inner and outer

T = to Trust in only Allah SWT as Provider, Protector, Powerful Lord and Sustainer

CTh - constant Thikr (Remembrance of The Creator, Allah SWT every moment

Gh - Allah SWT Grants Ghikma (Wisdom) to the seeker for His Countenance/ Divine Presence (Wajh)

IP - Inner Peace = security in faith in God's Ever Presence, Help, Wisdom, Protection & Support ( thus absence of Fear of anything/ any one/ any situation - with secure consciousness of Allah (SWT)'s Nearness - and carefulness not to sin.

S - Success in this world and the Next, due to Nearness and experience of the Presence of Allah SWT at all times - thus free from worldly attachments/ meaning to strive for worldly positions/ riches while forgetting Allah SWT (though appreciating the worldly Gifts from Allah SWT as Signs which reminds us of HIM and to be constantly grateful to Him for Granting us the Rizq (Gifts)) - this state of freedom from all forms of material enslavement, is thus total Freedom ( those who do not fear nor do they grieve - the Friends of Allah SWT - who are granted miracles - traversing the earth, skies, walking on water, the universe feeding them - The Perfect Human example Allah SWT has Sent us in the personality and practice of Nabie Mughammad SAW - the Is-raa (from Makka to Jerusalem) & the Mi'raaj (from Dome of the Rock through the seven heavens - Alghamdu-lilla-hi Rob-bil-'as-la-meen )- from an orphan to the leader of Arabia). Nothing can stand in the way of the Ibaad (sincere worker for Allah (SWT))

1 (One) = being in Unison with the Creator (Where the Ibaad (the adorer and worker for Allah SWT's wishes becomes The Wishes of Allah SWT, and Allah SWT does not hesitate to Grant him his/her requests and Grants him/her true vision, word and actions)- The Equation's answer is = The One and Only God - Allah SWT - Who encompasses  all creations which reflect His 99 Divine Attributes - of which the human has all the 99 Attributes of God potentially in the self - waiting to be actualised. Its actualisation is the application of the Equation above - in shaa Allah, May Allah SWT Grant us the Strength and Wisdom to traverse the Path of the Equation of Faith.

The above constitutes the Road to the Lord of Power, which allows the individual to be the representative/ vicegerent of God. Such Friends of God traverse the earth with or without vehicles, will be able to walk on water or fly through the sky at the Will of The Creator's Wish, because the Adorer of God (IBAAD) will then reflect his/her divinity inherent in the human to transcend even gravity and other natural laws that restrict those forgetful and ungrateful ones. When the seeker of God's Presence acts, he truly lives the Moment of Divine Power which overpowers everyone and everything with Peace, Harmony and Reverence.

The above equation gives sense to all acts of worship and existence and removes many doubts and allows a greater focus on our purpose in life. The Equation gives direction towards success in a short but absolutely profound way - Alghadu Lillahi Robbil'aala-meen.

The Above was inspired by the book of Ibn Al-Arabi - Journey to The Lord of Power, The Qur'an, Aghaadieeth, my personal reflections on the features of the book and some poignant questions from our (ICRA Comprehensive School (ICS)) Grade 10 students at our school, on delivering the lesson to all on the "Mathematical Equation of Faith". I am truly humbled by what Allah SWT has Granted me and the children of ICRA at such a crucial time of many core world changes that have shaken humanity. May Allah SWT continue Guiding us to Him - in shaa Allah.

Wal-laa-hoe ta-'aa-laa "a-lam
and Allah SWT Knows Best

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