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Understanding The Structural Problems in Education, Unemployment & Health

Understanding The Structural Problems in Education, Unemployment & Health by M.F.Arnold
Formal Education (secular & religious) is primarily seen as a must for progress, yet many people, including the Prophet (Pbuh), had no formal education. He could not read or write. He was as pure as when his mother gave birth to him (Um-mee-yuun). Thus, he was absolutely pure in thought and action, because he was unadulterated - uncontaminated by outside influence and indoctrination. He observed life and appealed to the Greatest Truth, Allah SWT, for Guidance and he received it for humanity. With the Support of God, he acted fearlessly and courteously and Arabia was transformed from a barbaric existence to the seat of enlightenment.

It is understandable that every effort will be made by people without faith in God to try and influence people to believe in human systems and constructs to survive. Their systems and constructs create fears in people to give of their assets to them for securities. If fears come from satan, then anyone who succumbs to fears will become a disciple of satan, because he/she will promote belief in fear and lose the strength of positivity, which is faith in God, Almighty, as Provider, Protector and Powerful.

To create fear, they create systems and constructs that break down the self-worth of people:
1.       Standardise all through “education” and give no credit for talent and informal learning
2.       Group the masses so that competition can thrive and cut-throat tactics can be employed
3.       Create hierarchies that create red-tape that saps the energies of people in education, business & religion
4.       Give titles (academic achievements) to instill in people obedience in hierarchies
5.       Control people through consistent monitoring by the management staff of hierarchies
6.       Sponsor aggressive team sport that foster group mentality and competitive natures that builds hostilities to divide people
7.       Create policies for external assessments – with curricula drafted by the enfranchised - to drive acceptance to conformity through fractionalisation of knowledge that drags out content to frustrate students and ensures a lack of self-worth in individuals, controls the job-market and creates a pool of unemployed to ensure exploitive wage offers – modern slavery.

These kinds of systems and constructs (the status quo) create structural educational dilemmas, unemployment, crime and illness (of those who feel the manipulation but lack the skills and support to make qualitative changes). When one understands the origin of social and medical problems due to all the stresses created by human constructs, one sympathises with the victims of social, intellectual, economic, cultural and religious abuse. Abuse is a result of fear and control mechanisms that feed on the lower ego of man that wants to be in charge and control others. That is why slaves often became slave-owners and the abused often become the abusers. Fear sells products of “security” –interest-related loans, insurance, credit, education accreditations, burials, products and services appeals to lower-self fears. This creates attachment to materialism which translates into different forms of arrogance as a camouflage for inner insecurities. – This makes people aggressive and oppressive towards one another and forgetful of The Divine Presence and Grace.

When people realise that what they possess is divinely entrusted to them to be shared (only 2.5% per year on savings) to support others, they will act differently. The will help each other achieve success without fear of losing position or safety, because they know God Cares for all. These simple Qur’anic Guidelines free all to respect each other and progress together. There is no better feeling in life than to know you have helped someone reach his/her dream. This is how each one becomes Blessed and feels valued from within and then need no false securities or tricked accolades. Crime and exploitation will cease to exist in a supportive community and health will improve- In shaa Allah Aameen – because no-one will live to impress another or be in fear of being alone/ abused, because they experience genuine communal support (Ma’ruuf).

The young cyber success bosses, without hierarchical university degrees, and the gifted children who give scholarly lectures in Qur’an are the Divine Signs against hierarchy and human constructs. Let’s value each other, to ensure our own and the community’s success – in shaa Allah – Aameen – It is possible – Make a niyyah (sincere intention) and Allah SWT (God) Will Make it happen. Let’s entrust our work with Allah SWT.

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