Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Value of Faith

In the day of open communication and extremist behaviours, personally confused readers and listeners are swept away from faith while sincere seekers enter the faith of Islam. Evils are veils to truth for the ungrateful egotist and openings to the grateful seeker of goodness. There has always been a time when enemies of God try to discredit Him - at the time of the prophets and up until today and it will be so in the future. This is understandable, because the ego of mankind will always exist and that must go through stages of questioning and arrival. 

Good intentions are the key to truth. Evil intentions naturally lead to confusion and evil actions whatever the sources of learning may be. When so-called liberalists and secularists try to discredit a faith on the basis of the evildoers it is obvious that they were looking for a reason to excite their inner agitation to be a disbeliever/ ungrateful human to God. Any human who refuses to believe in God as his/her Creator is obviously oblivious to his existence as a human body, as a creation that does not operate by its own will, but through the Grace of God.The "involuntary" God-given functions of all his/her organs including his/her brain (he/she wishes to use) to refute its Creator, are marvels of God's Mercy. The human body and the universes existence are the proofs of the existence of A Supreme Power that regulates and moves each atom. The simplest question - where do "I" come from and where do each predecessors come from, will naturally lead to the Origin being from One who is Infinite, Uncreated, All Powerful and All Present. 

The actions of evil-doers are fuelled by ungrateful, egotistical self-absorption, which stems from critical thinking, which has its origins in mistrust and doubt. For a believer he/she starts from a position of faith, sincerity, certainty and learns to integrate all existence into an holistic appreciation of goodness and thus increasing in faith in God. The disbeliever's time is spent trying to convince himself/herself that he/she is right to disbelieve and in the process alienates himself/herself from the people and world around him/her while secretly feeling the agitation of inner faith which he/she is trying to quell. This results is an accumulation of dissatisfaction and disharmony that translates into self-delusion - deaf, dumb and blind to any form of truth - a kind of empty peace with no-one to thank except him/herself for being arrogant. To the believer, he /she basks in certainty, which translate into discovering of new arena's of amazement and extended feelings of gratefulness and appreciation for The Creator. His/her world expands into multidimensional universes of experiences that leaves him/her in awe and wonder of the Magnificence of the Creator's bounties. His/her life is filled with nearness to worthy people who are quietly enjoying every moment and not spending his/her time arguing with people about his/her personal view, but rather joining with people of certainty that enhances the value of goodness and creating harmonies through which all can benefit.

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