Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Awareness by M.F.Arnold

Awareness by M.F.Arnold

Critical Skills, without interconnected Value,
Is like isolating ingredients, but Missing the Meal.
Duality, without Complimentary Necessity,
Is like a Mother and Father forgetting their Parenthood.

Science & Maths, as separate subjects,
Denies their Interdependent Processes.

Multiplicity is Unity
And Unity Creates Multiplicity.
This Awareness Builds Communities,
Through Individual Consciousness
of Divine Connection,
Who Grants Personal Growth & Social Benefit.

Schools have longed to individualise, to create
Competitive animals for cut-throat profit drivers,
To serve rich manipulators.
The market Crash in 2008/9,
Demolished "It is all mine !"
Ushers in the Need for The Divine.

Charity came to Save
the Chaotic Waves.

Research now proves Divine Order.
Submission, Attains Permission,
Refuting Evolution
and Establish the Ever-Present Revolution:
"all for One and One for all".

The Prophets, be Blessed,
who long taught how to Assess
The Value of True Success.

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