Friday, January 1, 2016

In Memory of Zakieeyah Arnold (1986-2006)

We found this hand-written piece of reflection in my daughter Zakiieyah's Visual Diary a day after she had passed away ( She actually received her final results that same day after she passed away - and she had distinctions )- she had just completed her 3rd year in Graphic Design at Stellenbosche University. She died on 26 November 2006.

The paper we found was as if she was counselling us from the grave. -may Allah SWT Grant her a High place in Jannah - in shaa Allah and may these words of her be an inspiration to many in shaa Allah. A close friend of her became Muslim 7 years after her death - and came to say her Kalima in our home - saying to us that she found inspiration by having known Zakieeyah and hence wants to accept Islam in the home Zakieeyah lived.

These were her words:

" Logically there is a peace in Islam, which lives in air, hearts and moves us when we hear The Words  of our Lord, Whom we love more than anything or anyone in this world.

Our breath is what allows us to live, to love, to hate, to be. Our breath is not our own. We cannot command it, as we cannot will our hearts to beat if it may cease to do so. Our minds are not our own, nor our thoughts. We are products of those around us. We do not create, we imitate and re-interpret. Nothing we do is original. We cannot make air or water or force life into rock, which has no order to breathe. We exist in the realm of ultimate dependence. Every breath we take is by The Grace of God - A Power from which all love, all creations, all beauty that is in this world comes from; A Power from Whom all knowledge stems. These very words are incapable of expressing the vastness of such an Almighty Force. He is closer to us than our jugular vein. We are slaves of His Will and followers of His Message. Our lives are lived to serve and learn. IQRA, read, the First Word Revealed to us from The Almighty - Read, Question, Understand. Learn about His world, The Beauty, The Science and those whom He has Chosen to bring His Message. We must follow. The Truth is The Only Reality: The Truth of One God, and The Religion of Islam. There is no separation between Islam and Spirituality - Islam is Spirituality and Spirituality is Islam.

Sleep is pleasant death - one which comes as quietly and forcefully as the sun. Sleep in which I dream is my sweet death. The life , which we live forever in different forms, becomes quiet and solemn when sleep blankets our eyes,. Our consciousness, which rules our minds in the day, steps aside for our sweet deaths.

We only die once

We only die once and live forever

We only die once, but live forever

Death is an awakening to the Reality that is Truth.
Truth is the Certainty of God - All Knowing, All Powerful.
Truth is or Obedience.

Alghamdu Lillaa-hi Rob-bil 'aa0la-meen
(Praise be to Allah, The Lord, Sustainer of all the universes)

Please - never forget to pray for her - that Allah SWT will raise her in Stations upon Stations in paradise in the life hereafter in the close proximity of our Loving GOD, Allah SWT (Most Exalted) and may we be united with Him and her in the hereafter - in shaa Allah - aameen.

She is in the constant memory of her parents and sisters  - in shaa Allah
We will always love her and we shall miss her and we ask Allah SWT to ease our pain in our hearts - and grant us patients and contentment  - in shaa Allah

P.S. I home schooled my children on the Holistic Leisure Learning method. The day after she passed away a friend of her told us that she loved her home schooling - this was my inspiration to reopen the school on a bigger scale - in memory of her - the school children and I pray for her everyday at ICRA Comprehensive School in Bo-Kaap cape Town. Pray for us that Allah SWT make all our children from our school successful in this life and in the hereafter - in shaa Allah - Aameen.

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