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Integrated Presentation Flow of HLL Topics

ICRA Comprehensive School
HLL Sequential Topics to Present (CAPS align) in Holistic Leisure Learning Institutes
             1.   Biodiversity
2.       Markets
3.       Formulae and calculations
4.       Interpretation of information
5.       Graphical Representation of Data
6.       Report Writing
7.       Cycles
8.       Design
9.       Innovation
10.   Conservation
11.   Employment
12.   Personal Development
13.   Planning & Procession
14.   Social Development
15.   Aesthetics
16.   Growth
17.   Defence
18.   Beliefs
19.   Cultures
20.   Tourism

Essay: Integration/ The Wealth of Nations/ The Value of Holistic Life/Development/ Holism…
The world is a bowl of everything - so is a country. Yet the diversity of life can comfortably be connected via 20 core topics that naturally integrate. A sequential connection between the topics gives value and purpose to all learning within the context of the value of a nation/people. These topics are: biodiversity, markets, formulae and calculations, interpretations of information, graphical representation, report writing, cycles, design, innovation, conservation, employment, personal development, planning and progression, social development, aesthetics, growth, defence, beliefs, cultures and the 20th topic, tourism.

A country’s biodiversity is the richness of that country. Every natural resource and species creates viable markets that allow the country to trade within its borders and with the rest of the world. The understanding of formulae and calculations allows the nation to extract the resources from its land. If the nation is unskilled, the richness of the resources of the country cannot be used to the full. The ability to interpret information is thus crucial. Reading, writing, Maths, science and business skills are core skills that must be integratively and holistically learnt and mastered by the society to gain full value of the country. Graphical representations are quick and easy ways of seeing trends and thus report writing on the viability or threats to the development of the country can thus be written accurately.

Cycles can easily be identified in the flow of life’s activities. Design elements and principles become visible in the cycles and new ideas and innovation can be identified with careful scrutiny of the patterns that become visible. Biodiversity, skills, and innovation make the conservation of resources and skills an important dimension of that society. A society that does not conserve becomes wasteful and destructive. This will lead to their annihilation. Conservation of biodiversity creates enormous employment for everyone in the country. Conservation results in sustainability which in turn creates stability which is needed for growth. Waste creates enormous unemployment, hardship and even death. Jobs allow each individual the opportunity to focus on his/her personal development within the context of consideration for the environment and humanity. Planning and proper processes become crucial for personal and social development. An aesthetic value and beauty is the result of careful planning and processing.

A society can only grow when all their resources are employed to the full and all in that society values what they have. Mutual respect is necessary for growth. It is only in such a society that every member will find it necessary to defend the beliefs, cultures and property of each member and group in the nation. Such a society’s interdependence and prosperity become visible and other societies would like to learn from them and experience their progress. Tourism to such a country will then increase and foreigners would then like to settle in such a progressive country. The foreigners, who seek citizenship in such a caring and environmentally conscious society, will then bring their skills and knowledge to the host country, thus increasing the biodiversity of their new found home.

People without the value of belief, lack the knowledge, skills and consideration for others and the environment. They will self-destruct. Social cohesion requires knowledge of Divine Power and indebtedness of individuals to a Higher Source Who allows all facets of life to integrate so beautifully. Knowledge is a necessity and the correct use of it, is wisdom, a gift that only comes to those who reflect on the aesthetic/beauty and value of everything. The scholars of deep knowledge and wisdom relate to mankind that God is the Possessor of Beauty and He loves beauty. A society that values their assets receives more and is beautiful in all aspects. A truly rich society is one that values what they have. The value of integration of seemingly unrelated topics, creates a holistic value that increases the richness of a society.

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