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Reality of Politics

Reality of Politics – M.F Arnold     2016-04-09

Is politics about voting to give your right away to make a change in your country, to someone else?  Is the politics of officials, waiting for people to complain, before they do what is obviously needed in a society/ city/ country? Is a political position, sitting in an office and making yourself inaccessible through the hierarchical office-bearers “below” you? Or is politics about making a difference, as a holistic person, in the lives of people without them having to beg / protest or fight for it? We give our right away, for making a change, through our votes.  In real terms we forsake our right to do something positive and wait for someone else to do it. Examples – people litter because they have voted for council to pick it up. We vote for government to educate our children and in that way we effectively empower them to stop us from educating our own children. This is the kind of modern-day-city-political-stupidity we have all become victims of, unless we wake up to the ways we are disempowered.  Why must we vote for someone to help us and when we ask for help they are not available, because they are too busy seeing to things they deem as “more important”? It is often later found that political figures use the vote of people to empower themselves to do what they like- “democratic-dictatorship”. When are we going to see through the smokescreens?

The reason why we become blind to the obvious manipulations is because state educational systems and media dumb us down. What is ‘politically-correct’ is often mass illusion. The manipulators are able to do this because media and education appeals to our lower desires for position, control, constant relaxation, ego-worship, fear, insecurity and passing the buck to others. The ”powers” decide what the public should know, how they should know it and where they should get it from. Any other means becomes “a national security issue”.

South Africa is a miracle and we must continue keeping it so. If we fall short of our duty to follow the dream of Mandela, we will all perish. The education is in a crisis. Our youth are unemployed. Some Government and City Council officials are corrupt and all we do is complain in media and social media about our woe’s , but few take up the challenge to create and support new movements. We have all been taught how to sit and wait to be educated and sit and wait to be served- but in real terms we have been brainwashed to be manipulated for the benefit of the few rich people for whom the whole western system has been designed to make them richer and everyone else the spectators and audience of their successes (Noam Chomsky). Just ask yourself the question: Why is there so much effort and air-time given to the exchange rate and investment market news? The majority of the people are not investors and the investors do not really care about the welfare of the masses. The poverty and debt of the masses are their only interest, because that gives them power and the constant media coverage of their needs and their power allows everyone to want it. This gives them the chance to create “structures, institutions, accreditations” that will frustrate our “dream to be like them” – the conquered imitates the conqueror, because he/she feels that is the only way to power (Ibn Khaldun).What we do not realise is that their systems create the necessary debt of others for them to stay in power. It’s like dangling the carrot in front and the string just gets longer.

As citizens we must start somewhere. It is my suggestion that we start with our confidence to present a new educational model that will ensure jobs for each matriculant that passes OUR chosen Holistic Qualitative Matric Exams – in which all will pass – with their own interest and wishes intact. Well, why must we start there? Our present educational bodies had to raise half the matric subjects’ marks just to get a pass percentage for the country. That means that the education department has failed to provide quality educational infrastructure and service. We thus have an unsuccessful body of service that actually serves as the accrediting body for educational institutions! As parents we must not accept such blatant incompetent bodies to accredit the education of our children. If we do, we will fail our children. Parents and business must unselfishly guide the education department towards qualitative service provision for our children and the citizens so that we, as a nation, can ensure peace and prosperity. To see what work has already been done towards this reality, Google “Business, Parent Educational Consulting (BPEC)” – a free-service national association that has already made some qualitative strides to the positive transformation of education towards the Holistic Learning culture and sustainable youth employment.

If there are no jobs for our youth when they pass matric, then that is another a reason for us to accept that we are putting unqualified people in charge of the future of our children. Finland has the highest scores in international Maths-Science examinations, yet their schools do not have external examination bodies that control exams and results. There is thus scientific proof that prescriptive, external state assessments are counter-productive and that when societies are free to educate their children, how they see fit for holistic, qualitative international standards, then that society can flourish. 
So what do we do? If just over 50% of the population vote for people they must afterwards remind to be fair, then the rest of the non-voters can decide to support the local individuals and groups who make a difference to the lives of the people in the neighbourhood or city. Such unselfish, hardworking, yet down-to-earth individuals are in every community – but we fail to accredit them, because we often prefer to support those in the lime-light – seeking through them “accreditation” for ourselves. The NodebtYouth employment strategy & SEEED (socio-economic-education & environmental development) Project, which employs Holistically informed students in self-sustainable jobs is one program in the country  that can be supported with only a R50-R100 per month (published in Leadership Magazine Oct 2004; “Youth upliftment –Seeking the path from democratic franchise to personal empowerment – Arafah Fakier), but its multiplier effect is enormous - Google “NoDebtYouth” and “Bo-Kaap:Helper - Paramedic Fund” for further details.
 I am sure that there are various other sustainable projects that can get your support to ensure that the citizens are not paralysed by promises from politicians that never materialise and leave the city with more fears and insecurities.  Let your voice be heard through your regular personal contributions that matter, because it will offer quality qualifications and youth employment – the urgent needs of South Africa. When we, as adults, empower our youth, they will, by their natural high instincts, care for us – and if we don’t, the youth will use their lower natural instincts to destroy us. Remember that the western way of life is geared to frustrate the youth so that they can become the armies to protect investors’ interests – the core reason for all the wars and civil wars. Let’s have peace and prosperity by supporting real people with real and proven records of community help and support.

I have worked on Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) as a new paradigm for the development of a society since 1989. This was the response to my own research on child abuse, because I discovered   that the Chief child-abuser is prescriptive, state-driven education that breaks down the self-worth of enquiring minds and teaches children to obey adults in authority. This allows other child-abusers the free reign to abuse children and teenagers further. It may be that you will not agree with me, but my challenge is that you engage with me and other like-minded people who see through the smokescreens of western-hierarchical-indoctrination which divided the value of knowledge in such disconnected fragments & periods (for “specialisation” in Capitalistic, industrial, mass production) that the holistic growth of nations cannot develop. The 2008/9 Capitalistic economic crash of major banks is proof that western educational models have failed societies. The rich have survived the economic crash, but the poor are still suffering and the middle class is in more debt ‘ just to keep up with the Jones’ – the ultimate mantra of western,  state-driven education and media.

Writer’s Particulars:
Mogamat Faadiel Arnold: PTD, BA, Ph.D (HC), Principal-teacher- ICRA Comprehensive School (ICS)
Executive Member: Business, Parent, Educational Consulting (BPEC) est. 1998

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