Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can gayism be justified?


No. Gayism cannot be justified. If such a choice behaviour can be justified, then all other crimes and sex prefernces in society can be justified, because all deviant people have quite elaborate "reasons" for the deviant behaviour. What gays are trying to tell us, through their bombardment of media coverage, is that their choice of sexual partner is natural. If a society cannot spring from the union of two people of the same sex, then it is not natural. If gayism was correct then tears will not flow from their eyes when they try to express their innermost feelings about their sexual preference. If homosexuality is accepted by law then all deviant sexual dehaviour should be accepted and none can then be criminalised. That everyone of civil society knows is impossible.

Gay Productions

What gays are able to produce is an enormous amount of media coverage to try and convince the public to accept them as normal. They are not normal. Their sexual behaviour is anti-social. They can never be accepted as part of normal society. The first Aids victims that died were white gays in America. How gays managed to transport it as an African scourge, still evades the public. The homosexuals took the heat off themselves and made their product an African concern. No one can be asked to support their plea for their sexual preference.

Why is it unacceptable?

It confuses society, especially young people. It definately stems from a fear of dealing with the challenges that face hetro-sexuals. It is an easy way out to get sexual satisfaction without the responsibility of marriage, which is obviously an institution in society which only the strong men and women can face square on. Gay movement and speech does not even fit in the realm of women movement and speech. They are often odd, boisterous and loud - the characteristics of people with a low self-esteem.

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