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The practice of men to have more than one wife has been questioned in western monogamous societies. Western women have questioned this phenomenon with gusto. Many Eastern and Western women, rather girls, have been exploited by polygamous men. Western women have been, only since the 1970's, open to express their views. Prior to this and still today western and eastern women are generally shut up and abused. What is quite clear is that men generally have polygamous tendencies, while women generally prefer one husband. Again we need to stress that here we are not considering the desires of the evil males and females who engage in porn, extra-marital relations and open and secret flirtations. This article (or book depending on the available time) addresses people who are trying to live a righteous life and hence question the existing questionable practices around them - locally, nationally and internationally, while seeing the value of spiritually-based polygamous marriages and the lack of social strength to pursue it.

Why has polygamy been practiced?

Being a male, who constantly tries to analyze the going on's outside of myself and inside myself, and at the same time trying to be conscious of the ever-Presence of The Creator, I try to find true reasons for certain continuous practices in society. I do research and read as much as possible, but often find that most people state what is "politically correct" or commonly acceptable. It is obvious that they are trying to curry favour with their peers, social connectivity, status, bosses or sponsors. I try to be as truthful as possible and then put what I think out there for open discussion among persons who genuinely seek the truth for personal growth.

Men primarily seek the attention of women, because they are "needy". They want to be loved, accepted, cared for, pampered and find consistent sexual pleasure. That does not mean that they want sex all the time, they want to be appreciated as a sexually attractive male. When this need is satisfied, they are prepared to work their guts out to help and serve people and humanity at large. The "sexual" satisfaction gives them the needed tranquility, self-confidence and energy to serve humanity - the reason for their earthly existence - to serve, to protect, to guide, to nurture and support women and children to ensure that society at large benefits. Now you might think that is a whole lot of nonsense, because your reference points would be some monogamous men who do all these things without more than one woman's attention. In the western world there are these men and leaders of countries who do the good, but also do the evil of extra-marital relations, mistresses, porn and masturbation. They then "comfortably" function, while they had their sexual desires satisfied by evil means. What about the man who tries and does not involve himself with this evil practices? How does he find satisfaction, if his wife is less sexual, gives him less attention, does not find him attractive, etc. but she still loves him and he her without their consistent sexual attraction? Well if he cannot afford another wife, he simply has to indulge in more spiritual activities and develop his soul to be more disconnected to the earthly desires. If he can afford he should follow the guidelines to marry other women who will help him achieve the needed inner tranquility to regain his energy to serve women, children and society.

Monogamy and Western Economic "Progress"

We all know that most men cannot afford another wife, within the western economic structures we find ourselves. Movies, Porn, mistresses, flings and divorce are thus on the increase, because only a few men have the power and inclination to turn to the spiritual dimensions to find solace for their glaring desires. Within a western world, where media exploit the vulnerability of men and women through female and male provocative themes, outfits and general sexual tendencies, the money makers know the best market strategies to sell their products - appeal to the lower-self and you have a majority of people(customers) responding positively to your products. We can already see that general investors will lose quite a sum of money if polygamy was a general practice. Well it is then understandable that polygamy will find quite a bit of negative media and business attention. This little point of the western economic advantage of open sexuality and the simultaneous promotion of monogamy, puts genuine, religiously-based polygamy in a better light, yet I am sure not yet in an acceptable light. We have grown use to our western "freedoms" and often choke our marriages and family securities in the process. The quickest, less challenging, irresponsible and practiced satisfaction of multiple sexual desire today is "gayism" - where all social and religious bonds are broken for selfish personal satisfaction.

Is there a present need for Polygamy?

When looking at the number of females born to males in families, and the amount of female drivers on the road, one comes to the conclusion that there must be more females than males in the country and world at large. There are also many single mothers with children at school due to divorce. We then ask where are the eligible males? You might answer gay, and what's left are married.

What is true is that married women will not easily give up their husbands for polygamy, due to the possible problems that might occur within the two families, because polygamy is not yet an accepted phenomenon in our western societies.

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