Monday, January 10, 2011

The Economics of Disbelief

When the dependence on God, is challenged, a product is presented for sale. Insurances, medical aid, interest-based investments, security systems, banking offers, retirement packages etc, all thrive on the absence or reduction of the trust in God. Businesses often appeal to the fears of people to sell their products for the client's "future security". When pay-out time comes, clients are often disappointed in their returns, while CEO's have long enjoyed their client's investments for their instant gratification - while clients waited into frail ages to gain some benefit. The bailing out of the banks and big companies at the expense of their client's losses and the growing unemployment internationally calls for a sincere re-look at what drove the failed economies and the shattered lives of so many. The CEO's, who misappropriated, even walked off with golden handshakes, while their clients lost their jobs, homes and the general security that the business offered them. What the companies did not tell the clients was that their investments were to ensure the business's life-long security,not the client's.


Trust in something, creates effort to support it, hoping to gain future benefit. When individual security and prowess is sold to a person, his/her competitive nature of living becomes the order of the day. This eats away the values of a family, neighbourhood and society in general. An towards selfish individualism is the core of Capitalism. Unchecked it will create disasters. Crime is the outcome of such individualistic aims, where "absolute Freedom" is striven for at the expense of others. When CEO's pays themselves large salaries while clients get 9-12% return on their investments, is daylight robbery. This kind of investment strategies should not be support, encouraged and modeled on. Unfortunately this kind of practice will continue as long as business owners and state officials feel that they are not accountable to an Unseen, All Present Power, God. The prophets (Peace be upon them) were always raised among a people who placed their trust in worldly prowess. The prophets (PBUT) thus was always in direct opposition to the ruling individual/class, because they brought a message to trust in God and not in man. This belief then reduced the income leaders received from ignorant, blind followers of mass indoctrination. Some prophets were killed and other persecuted. For the open hearted the above information seems plausible. Others who find selfish-control-systems more appealing, these realities cause a certain amount of anger and resentment in the hearts. Why would a human being become agitated when another human presents a view? This only happens when the presentation reminds the prejudiced individual of what he/she lacks to acknowledge as part of the real inner truth all of us are endowed with. That money is the root of all evil is partly true, but it can also be the solution to many problems. It is entirely how acquire our money and how we spend it that determines what the inner values we expose to the world around us.


Idolism is taking any animate or inanimate object as a god/ demi-god. That means that you place your trust in living on something other than God. When one is convinced that your academic standards determine your future, then you become a slave to the universities that makes you a debtor, before you even start earning. A society who believes that learning should be restricted to those who have financial backing or credit-worthiness, is a society that will be riddled with crime, from the have not's and the have's who want more. But crime. although negative, is a call from the unseen for people to change their lifestyle and prevent the crime at all cost. Crime will always exist, as long as their is a voice that whispers in the minds of people to exploit others in different ways. The most damaging kind of exploitation is labour exploitation. To pay a person below what he has exerted him/herself for, whatever the employers reason, is unacceptable and reprehensible , yet this kind of crime happens without there being enough machinery to stop it. This is because the perpetrator has inner unconsciousness/ refusal towards values, ethics and spirituality. When there is a lull in economics activity, bosses first fire workers, before they are prepared to take a cut in their unethical large salaries they draw from the business every month. Modern man has often made money his god. This kind of idolism is not easily acknowledged, but commonly practiced. The belief in money stems from its power to purchase and own items of status, which create a sense of false respect for the person. This thus translates into idolism or self-belief and aggrandizement, which stems from a personality trait of haughtiness. As long as the worker believes that his boss is the one who provides for his/her livelihood, he/she will be exploited. Becoming aware of this exploitation, is the first sign of the Mercy from The Creator and Sustainer of all the worlds and universes. Because to know your problem allows you to remedy it. To be unaware of a problem means that one can easily be destroyed by it without even realising its destructive forces. Belief is about awareness, while disbelief is about ignorance. When you allow people to think for you you become their pawn to move and exploit on all levels. The trust in God, brings wisdom, while the trust in anything else creates illusions. To depend on anything other than God,makes you a slave of it, destined for failure in this world and in the hereafter. To depend on God grants you freedom and the skills and abilities to progress and succeed in the world and the next.

Disbelief in a Hereafter

This is an illusion which is created to fool the self into doing what a person chooses without accountability or remorse. At the beginning it starts as a wish to silence the inner, positive voice of the existence of the hereafter, under the influence of the negative whisper of "reject its belief". If the wish persists then the disease of the heart starts. The vehemence of the wish will increase the disease of disbelief in the heart and the result will be total blindness to truth. In this state no-one will be able to help the person, only the person him/herself. Belief in the hereafter does not mean that one loses all sense of personal endeavour to fight for ones rights, and resign to abuse. This is what some man-made religions have created to make the masses subservient to economic exploitation - creating a servant class that serves the rich. This is why Marx said religion the the opiate of the people. These man-made religions and even political affiliations, create in masses this baseless trust that "things will come right. Just follow the status quo". This is also forms of disbelief in the fact that the Creator has given each of us all the abilities to improve our lives with His Guidance and Help. Scientists might say this is not objective. But what science is objective. All experiments start with a hypothesis, a belief, a feeling, a possibility and then, depending on who funds the research and what the market wants, which makes science pretty subjective and expedient. Some discoveries in scinece have not been launched, because it would upset a long existing infrastructure.

The belief in the hereafter is sampled in dreams. The existence of ourselfs in another dimension of space and time, yet totally full of real emotions and physical experience, yet without living this world's space and time. The existence of dreams has baffled most scientists. Unfortunately people tend to equate scientists with disbelief, because they often risk the professional license if they should profess their belief in their writings. Galileo had to sign the declaration that the world was flat in front of the Inquisition of the church, for fear of . being put to death. It was clear that the church would have lost millions from "worshipers" of their preachings. The Prophet Mughammad (Pbuh) was attached, offered riches and rumoured to be mad by the then controlling clans of the Qureish, who monopolised the income earned in Mecca for idol worshiping.

Education and the pharmaceutical industry create many beliefs and theories which make lots of money (rather virtual money - because most people pay by credit cards at enormous interests), while the majority of people in the world do not enjoy either of them. Companies, supported of governments dictate beliefs and structures. The 2008/9 recession, which crashed the western economic principles and models, simultaneously crashed the educational, scientific and mathematical models that propped up the system of free market "rationality". The institutions of learning thus have to change. The unfortunate issue is that private schooling has created millions, using the same blinded educational models, but just selling education as a smaller package, with more "personal attention", which is often not the case. It is often the natural commitment of the learners and their parents ability to finance private tuition, that makes a "name" for the school at which they are. Disbelief allows all these kinds of exploitation, because accountability, honesty, sincere service and fear of The Creator not to act unfairly/ exploit people has been taken out of the equation of popular life - riddled with divorce, crime, pornography, drugs, alcoholism, recklessness,gayism, aids, HIV, prostitution, murder and all other vices - all results of the continuous indoctrination of "freedom of expression". It seems from our experience that the kind of freedom of expression leads to enslavement to chaos in the self. Such chaos in the self, creates a necessary uncertainty to explore all the products of the world of business for peace of mind, tranquility, happiness, contentment, inner love and positive socialisation - all of which are inherent in faith in God. The difference is that to have true faith in God does not cost a sent, but gives unlimited bliss, while the search for happiness elsewhere costs money.

Dependence on the Self

Disbelief causes confusion that leads a long expensive search to "discover the self and one's purpose in life". Even after some have spent years, discovered Ph.D's in one aspect of the search, which has often beened summed up in one statement of one of the enlightened Prophets God inspired, guided and taught. But for the materialist, "the search for truth" (which he/she knows already from sheer gut feeling), often creates a sense of self-expression which borders on egotism. The search becomes an object of belief and an item of conversation which often translates into arguments, thesis and antithesis, which traps the mind and isolates the person from him/her true self and even his/her family, to discover or make a point of research that might/might not lead him/her to some obvious truth that a faithful person has practiced for years and through which many have benefited. Dependence on the self and the objects of research has taken some lifetimes and at death they were still confused/not sure. When one watches the attitude of some researchers and scientists one finds such an aura of arrogance that it can only be said that the knowledge lead to arrogance, haughtiness and a self-conceit that shut out others from their lives. The efforts made to critique another scholar waisted so much time, money and effort, that the materialists had enough time to make a million on a number of ignorant people, because their talented community members waisted their talents on speculation with other "academia". It is often that academia of this analytical nature stay busy in their offices with theories while being of no-use to the family or society in general. Due to the limited salary and funding received by academia, they often live off overdraughts, loans and credit cards to maintain the image of their academic status amongst the elite. Academia often speak a language only they understand, which distance themselves even more from family, neighbours, friends and society in general. The greatest idolism is the belief in one's own opinion, without some form of spiritual information and insight. The futility of academia in the face of real life experience and needs is well depicted two recent movies - "Extraordinary Measures" and "Leaves of Grass". These movies reflect the general feeling of "the out of touch with realities" of academia in their disconnecting corridors of grandeur - missing the realities of life that needs the person behind the degrees.

Bureaucracy and Protocol - remnants of Idolatry
The lack of access to modern leaders in business and state departments are remnants of ancient idolatry - where leaders create positions of grandeur for the commoner, who has needs, has to respect and "worship" them. The leaders in the protocol and bureaucracy want people to beg them for what they, as "subjects"/ "workers" need or make themselves inaccessible for criticism/attack when they act unfairly towards their subjects or workers. Bureaucracy also reconstructs the slave-and-master conditions. No fair leader will make himself inaccessible to his "subjects"/ people. Within the military it serves the generals well, to use bureaucracy and protocol to ensure that soldiers are kept ignorant and just lose their lives in fighting wars, especially the wars started by unfair leaders. It is unfortunate that the military terms, structures and protocol found its way into education and business. This has lead to enormous misappropriation of resources and finance as well as stifling the paths of progress. Even though people warned about the possibility of the crash of economies, the leaders did not pay attention to the commoner's views and opinions. There is even evidence that corporates assassinate "trouble makers" - who happen to be people who make others aware of the truths - economic hitmen. Protocol and bureaucracy, breeds secrecy for industrial and common crime. This is only possible when theorists, who are often funded by business, work hard to convince the masses to "give unto ceasar what is ceasar's and give unto God what is God's" - successfully separating religion from politics and business, thus opening the road for exploitation of the masses through dependence of business educational and banking institutions. Investors often invest in all sectors, state, business, education, medical and social institutions ensuring that the masses consistently depend on them and not on God, The Almighty.


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