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Development of Self

786 ICRA Comprehensive School:  Life Orientation (6-12) :Development of The Self
1. Mankind has been Divinely programmed to seek happiness and peace through asking the questions:” Who am I, What must I do and Where am I going?”.
2. This challenges man to use his/her intellect to make informed decisions.
3. Informed decisions are made after reflecting on what influences are around us (signs/symbols/aa-yaat)
4. The Holy Qur’an reminds us of all good signs and answers these questions (in no.1 above) clearly.
5. We are creations of Allah (SWT), who must adore(deeply love and serve) Him (‘i-baa-da) to reach back to Him in Heaven, where we originally were created  and stayed for a long time, before our Earthly existence.
6. This journey/path (Ta-ree-qah) is the effort (A-mal) of developing the Self from the Naf-sul-am-maa-ra (lower/base/material Self), through the Naf-sul-low-waa-ma (the Questioning/ intellectual self) to the Nuf-sul-moet-ma-in-na ( the Self at Peace and Onenness with Allah (SWT) – The Successful Self)
7. To make our task of self-discovery and success easy, Allah (SWT) cleansed prophets (‘AS) to receive His Sent Guidance guided them to deliver it to each individual, in every nation and tribe.
8. Everyone thus has an equal chance to succeed, according to his or her circumstances, opportunities and awareness of nearness to Allah (SWT)
9. To attain nearness to Allah (SWT) we Remember and Praise Him (Thikr), due to our Gratefulness to Him.
10.In Thikr, we  use our thought, breath and sound (unseen elements), elements of Spirit (Ruugh) that Allah (SWT) Blew into us (through the first human being, the clay Nabie Adam  ‘AS), to stimulate our Naf-sul-mut-ma-in-na to become active.
11. The clay-self (the nuf-sul-am-maa-ra) naturally draws us to the love for itself , the earthly/ material things (gold, food, jewelry , cars, sex/ procreation, self-glory) which all have short-lived(limited)  happiness and which tires the body and mind, if we become obsessed with it.
12. The Prophet Mughammad (SAW) was Guided by Allah (SWT), through the Sent Book, The Holy Qur’an, to show people that it is humanly possible to attain divine strengths, power and wisdom and achieve nearness to Allah SWT and receive absolute happiness and success, if one has constant Taq-wa (Awareness of Allah SWT).
13. The Qur’an contains the Sha-ree-‘a ( The Code for Success – personally and for nations and tribes) which gives mankind the shortest method of attaining fearlessness, strength, happiness and success.
14. The Sha-ree-‘a is a water-hole/ code that constantly refreshes our bodies, intentions, thoughts and actions
15. When the Naf-sul-am-maa-ra (lower/ desirous/ earthly/material Self) is placed under the advice (hi-daa-yah) of the Sha-ree-‘ah, then the person reaches a balance between heavenly and earthly matters – this is ‘ILM –Distinguished Awareness)
16. Intellect (‘Aqal) is the active use of the Naf-sul-low-waa-ma to reach lasting happiness in the Presence of Allah (SWT) – restraining/controlling  the lower-self (‘Aqal) with regular ‘i-baa-dah (devotions:Solaah,Fasting,)
17. When the person has focused his/her full attention and love towards Allah SWT, while he/she does good deeds, then he/she is a Muslim (one who feels Safe and Sound in the Hands of Allah SWT)
18. The Muslim, who continuously shows Thankfulness and Love for Allah SWT, through good work, becomes a Friend of Allah (SWT) - Aw-li-yaa  ( those whose wishes come true because Allah SWT Loves them).
19. When the person allows his/her Naf-sul-am-maa-rah to over-power him/her, then he/she loses the inner Light (Nuur), Happiness and Peace of connection with the Divine Spirit (Rugh), and the body (Jism) and Soul (Nafs) become dark, tired and depressed, due to ungratefulness (Kufr) towards Allah SWT.
20. When the person’s efforts are towards the Naf-sul-mut-ma-in-na, his/her body, mind and soul are under the command of the Ruugh (Divine Spirit) and the body and soul then have Light (Nuur), Ghikma (Wisdom) and motivational energy that drive him/her towards lasting happiness, contentment and peace (Islam), which the Self really yearns for.
21. The development of the Self is the journey towards love and service to Allah SWT through the control of the lower self, to attain the Higher-Self in order to receive unending Baraka (Blessings) from Allah SWT.
22. The greatest Blessing from Allah SWT is the feeling of total entrustment (Ta-wak-kul) of all matters in the Hands and Allah (SWT), thus feeling confident and satisfied that all is well and there is  nothing to worry or stress about, after we have done the good work.
23. The Naf-sul-mut-ma-in-na’s effect on the self is a feeling of divine inner strength and to have no fears nor to grieve about any loses – this state is true Freedom – total submission to the Guidance of Allah SWT  - because with this state is the Knowledge that everything comes from Allah SWT and everything must go back to Allah SWT –in-naa lil-laa-hi wa in-na i-lay-hi raa-ji-‘uun. We hear His Guidance and we obey Him, because we know He Speaks the Truth – Sa-da-qal-laa-hul-‘a-theem.................and Allah, The Exalted, Knows Best.

Al-gham-du lil-laa-hi Rob-bil-‘Aa-la-meen (Praise be to Allah, The Sustainer/Lord of the all universes)                                                                                          

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