Friday, September 12, 2014

The Human Challenge

Section B (Summary)(10 marks)
Question 2

Summarise the article below in 90 words in paragraph form (write down the number of words at the bottom)

The Human Challenge

Materialists lose their full potentials. They focus on the now. Satisfaction, competition and ego drive all their thoughts and actions. Everything around them is seen as threats to their goals. Fears rule their lives and physically “arming” the self becomes paramount. Insurance companies and business advertising appeal to the fears and greed  of materialists, because they know that trust in the Unseen is absent among materialists and they will pay for anything that will give them “security” – life insurance, car insurance, medical insurance, house insurance, loans, etc. They often find that when they need the “insurance” it evades them, often charging them more to get their own “investment” back. Materialists who trust in the “seen” are haunted by the inability to secure peace of mind – an unseen joy – they are often trapped in debt to secure their materialistic lifestyle and fears.

Fanatical “spiritualists” put their trust in the Unseen, but also fail to make proper provision for daily and future planning. They live for the day, but their physical, mental, social, familial and professional selves suffer. Their “trust” in the unseen, without due preparation and planning for the worldly existence, is just an escape from responsibilities. Their lives are often also riddled with financial, familial, social and professional problems. They spend most of their time putting out fires, having less time to live.

Sincere humans strike a middle road between material and spiritual needs. They do not focus on wants. They allow their spiritual insights to guide their material needs and use part of their material gains to support others.  They are realistic. They tie their camel and then put their trust in the Unseen. They do not shirk responsibilities, in fact they thrive on it, because of their faith in the Unseen. They know they are not angels nor animals, so they do not expect the impossible and neither do they allow themselves to be trapped by earthly greed. They are the intelligent ones. They leave legacies in their past, live in the moment (through appreciation), and plan for the worldly and other worldly realities. They are the truly free ones, because they have no fears and nor do they grieve about losses. They are secure in the thought that from God everything comes and everything must return to Him. They do not worry, because they have a Strong Handhold – Trust in God while following His Guidance. Through this they aim for eternal success.

Source: Article by M.F.Arnold September 2014
(part of Grade 12 English Paper Sept Prelim Exam: ICRA Comprehensive School)

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