Saturday, September 20, 2014

Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) in a nutshell

Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) finds its origin in a saying (hadeeth) of the Prophet Mughammad Pbuh - to supply one another with their needs and Allah (SWT) will supply you with your needs -. Thus HLL is Resource-based, after my research discovered that conventional school's period-structures and planning, fractionalise knowledge and in so doing retards the holistic progress of children. HLL Facilitators develop resources that serve the needs of children and in so doing allow them to develop self-discipline, self-esteem and self-worth, the core needed values for personal and social progress.

The Holy Qur'an gave HLL the reason for learning the unity of knowledge - i.e. "to find out how everything inherently and integratively serve mankind, as a Gift from Allah (SWT)"- Knowing that everything in the heavens and on Earth have been ordered to serve mankind as a Gift from God (Q45:13), makes learning purposeful and an ever-growing endeavour.  The student becomes empowered in order to serve others. The learning act then results in Gratefulness to God and appreciation of the self, nature and humanity - the core reason for living.

ICRA Comprehensive School (ICS)is the first school in the world to apply HLL. -ICS has been working hard at this since 1989 (when it started out as a home school) and in 2009 registered as an independent school with WCED, in a community premises). Now - Alghamdu lillah, ICS sees the fruits of HLL in the type of students that attend -  Those with holistic-open minds, who reflect and challenge themselves to achieve and serve others, even though they are surrounded by predominantly individualistic, competitive western societies. Our First Matric 100 % pass, with University Bachelors in 2014 was a milestone for ICRA and a statement for a world education solution In shaa Allah - Aameen

We wish every student, parent and facilitator of ICS well for the future and pray that Allah SWT will Bless all their efforts - in shaa Allah.

The endeavour of ICS is to establish Ma'ruuf (universally accepted good) in the learning environment for the development of communities, the country and the world - in shaa Allah - Aameen.

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