Sunday, May 8, 2016

Holistic Senior Certificate


Assalaamu ‘Alaykum wa Raghmatullaahi wa Barakaatu
Dear Parents & Guardians
Re: ICRA Holistic Certifications
The South African National Senior Certificate Curriculum and Assessment criteria have changed several times and will change again in the near future. This is often a knee-jerk reaction strategy of the NED upon the poor results of the Matrics and it disorientates the whole education fraternity. Many Subject curricula have been watered down and assessment criteria have dropped to help students get through school. The result of this is that universities no longer accept the Senior Certificate as sufficient for university entrance. Universities thus have their own entrance examinations. In the light this, our school has been planning a more qualitative certification for our students to ensure that they are well informed and more empowered when they leave ICS – in shaa Allah.
Alghamdu Lillah, We are honoured to inform you that after meetings with your children it has been accepted, with excitement from students and staff, that ICRA Comprehensive School will offer our own Holistic Senior Certificate (HSC). In our Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) atmosphere, which integrate grades and subjects, our eager students will be able to write the HSC in Grade 10 or 11 or over two years. When they arrive in Grade 12 they would already possess a HSC and which would have also prepared them for the State Matric, because HSC includes South African matric requirements. This HSC will be our stabilising curriculum which allows ICS students to have a holistic knowledge that empowers them, not only for the state matric, but the HSC will be a bonus to their CV when applying for further studies or jobs – having TWO Senior Certifications if they opt to do the NSC– in shaa Allah. The HSC’s curriculum includes all needed knowledge that a student needs to become a holistic person. The HSC will have two building blocks for admission – the Holistic Foundation Certificate (HFC) to be written in Grade 3 and the Holistic Junior Certificate (HJC) to be written in Grade 9 – in shaa Allah. This program will, in shaa Allah, start in 2017.  
The HSC, HJC and the HFC will have two parts 150 marks Examination and 150 practical presentation mark to ensure that all students achieve a level of success that honours them with these added certificates.
The Integrated Content of the HSC, HJC and HFC will include 20 Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) Core Integrated Topics that students must pass on an Introductory Level (HFC), Comparative Level (HJC) and Analytical Level (HSC). The HLL Core Integrated topics for Holistic Certifications are: : Biodiversity, Markets, Formulae and Calculations, Interpretations of Information, Graphical representation, Report Writing, Cycles, Design, Innovation, Conservation, Employment, Personal Development, Planning and Progression, Social Development, Aesthetics, Growth, Defence, Beliefs, Tourism. These topics will guide every specific subjects delivery - allowing all teaching and exposures to have a natural integration through the whole school.
The above will be written within the HLL Integrated Activity Areas: Nature (Bio, Geo), People (LO, Hist), Languages(Eng, Afr Arab), Trade (Acc, Econ, Tour), Calculations (Math, Phys, Navigation), Construction (Art, Design) , Micro- and Telescopic (Research & Experimentation). The written examination for the HSC will be 3hrs, HJC (2hrs) and HFC (1hr). Practical Presentations will be 1 hour.
For any further information please contact the principal.


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