Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Assalaamu ‘alaykum

Dear Parents, Guardians and new Applicants

It is our pleasure to announce that, although the children and parents were shocked to hear that we will no longer offer the national senior certificate examination and CAPS curriculum per se (due to the enormous  Government  Price for accreditation R56000 for independent schools),  our children want to continue as far as possible with ICRA Comprehensive School. The reasons given were:
1.       1.They love the Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) curriculum and methodology , teachers’ support and the Qualitative Resources
2.       2. They value the freedom and autonomy they enjoy at the school to push themselves beyond grade requirements and to follow their talents.
3.       3. They feel like a family, being at ICRA.
4.        4. The Qur’anic recitals and Tafsier in the mornings are valuable to them
5.       5. They will be able to know some Matric work at grade 6-10 level, giving them the opportunity to help students from other schools that are in the same and higher grades (this is a major motivation for them to attend ICRA – becoming tutors in the community – in shaa Allah)
6.      6.  If they finish at ICRA in Grade 10 they will have done more subjects than what conventional schools can offer – thus preparing them well for Matric at other institutions
7.      7. They can leave at Grade 10 from ICRA and complete Grade 11 and 12 in one year at a college.
All the children want to know if they can return to ICRA after they finish Matric at other institutions, because they feel that ICRA is part of them and that they want to contribute to its continued existence -  in shaa Allah – we are truly blessed to have such students – Alghamdu lillaah.
Some parents have indicated that they would like their children to finish the Holistic Senior Certificate (HSC) at ICRA at Grade 12 level. We are encouraged by this commitment. They are putting their Trust in Allah SWT to Grant their children success in the future with the HSC – in shaa Allah. May Allah SWT accept their intentions and dua’s.
ICRA Comprehensive School will holistically offer all the standard subjects from Gr 1-9 as well as Maths, Science (Physics and Biology), History, Geography, Economics, Business Economics, Accounting, Design,  Afrikaans, English, Arabic, Navigation and Tourism for Grade 10’s – thus allowing those that leave for other institutions,  to drop subjects and keep 7 core subjects for Matric.

The ICRA Business News:
After Grade 10 , ICRA will offer those who do not want to complete the academic Grade 11 and 12 or those who  finish matric elsewhere , to become  a partner in ICRA’s business - The ICRA Film-Art-Design-Drama Studio  (ICRA-FADDS) at only R200 a month. Designs schools’ monthly fees are from R2000 upward for only one type of art form. The ICRA-FADDS –in shaa Allah-will offer practical exposure and skills development in  the above productions – Film, Art, Design or Drama. The idea is, in shaa Allah, that ICRA youth will be able to earn through their artistic talents from shows,  exhibitions and sales – in shaa Allah.
Design students at ICRA have already offered to be part of the skills development team for the ICRA –FADDS, after they finish Matric at ICRA or else-where. That spirit is heart-warming.
We are all looking forward to the full roll-out of Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) and the establishment of the youth employment future plans of ICRA-FADDS.
A most important development of HLL is that we are moving away from conventional full-scale June and Final Exams. Exams and Tests will be happening on a continuous basis, but Reports/Assessments will still be issued quarterly – and it will include the students’ achievements in each quarter.
Please be prepared that more orals and practicals will be expected  from ICRA students to qualify for the Holistic Foundation, Junior and Senior Certificates – in shaa Allah.

Shuk’ran for All your support and Dua’s
Keep well – in shaa Allah

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