Monday, August 15, 2016

Holistic Miniature Story for Figures of Speech

An incredible story by M.F.Arnold

One day a man behaving like a dog (Simile) met a sparkling star (metaphor). She was packing pennies in packets for the pockets of people in poor places (alliteration). As she was talking and walking she was unaware of his stalking (assonance). Her goodness was to him as big as a mountain (hyperbole) and he felt small. His inner-self had suffered a civil war (oxymoron and pun), when he saw such beauty, because he recognised his inner ugliness. She turned around and said: ‘Are you looking for someone?” (irony – he is looking at her and for her). He looked at her as if she was a crown (Metonymy).  “A mouse (metaphor) I am in your presence, my dear.”  Her cat smiled (personification). The clatter (onomatopoeia) of his teeth showed his nervousness. She calmly told him: “Ignorance is strength (paradox) when one is open to knowledge”. This was to him like a noisy atomic blast (understatement). He realised that she saw through him. He knew that he felt her status with his first glance and he knew that change for him is now instantaneous. As he realised that he had fallen for her, he dropped dead (pun).   He might not have known the  ABC’s (synecdoche) of a good life. He might have lived like a brother of the bad, but he did not die with them like a fool (antithesis).  He passed away (euphemism) a valiant gentleman.

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