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786: How communities can employ their youth

School going, college and university studies are putting our families in debt. While many qualify, only 0.1% get jobs. The rest are then saddled with Fees Debt and unemployment. We, as parents and communities, wait for governments to get their acts together, while we witness how millions in state money are spent to fight wars, election campaigns, embezzlement, extravagant banquets and travels. We should do something that will help our children and our country, without resorting to destructive methods of mass action imploring states to do what we know they are nor succeeding with. We should urge each other to create jobs for our youth and arrange for their free tertiary education to grow our countries. Here is my appeal.

What to be Aware ofHigh failure rates, dropout rate, drug addiction, unemployment, crime, large government debt and social ills are signs of failed government strategies. If we consistently re-elect the same strategies that does not deliver the correct service then we are part of the problems created by government. Democracy gets governments in but this system does give them free reign to do as they please and then inform us for comment. By the time we comment, the policies are already gazetted. If the government officials, who went through the schooling and university/technical training still supported by most of us, cannot deliver, then there must be something wrong with how they were educated and trained. We see now the questions asked who educated the economists who caused the crash of the Capitalist market and a call for a new economic system. The institutions that we support - are not delivering, yet we continue using them. Change is not going to happen with existing infrastructures, ideologies and methodologies. Everything must change. But we cannot wait for others to change. We must change ourselves in order to effect change for all. We must also be realistic. We cannot expect existing institutions just to close. There are many whose bread and butter comes from it. But we can create new, qualitative institutions of change that can help those who cannot afford to enter the "existing questionable institutions". Remember the existing institutions have been designed to create a pool of unemployed and a few bureaucrats to feed an interest, debt encouraged society - living on created illusions of grandeur through media prompts.

Create a Quality Educational Model
By The Grace of The Almighty Allah, The HLL educational model has been established and has create a new hope for educational progress (See the adjacent Knol "Holistic Leisure Learning"). Do not be discouraged because HLL finds its origin in the Qur'an, if you are Non-Muslim. Remember Revealed Books from God is for all people. I can assure you that even the WCED looks at the global value of the HLL model and have asked me to consult for them. I admire their sense of desire to find the truth where-ever it might be. Having created the HLL school and linked it up to an international university(IOU-Islamic Online University), it is now my wish to encourage the next stage of global development - youth employment and sustainable families - By God's Will.

Youth Employment
Youth, in western societies, are separated from adults. While youth are treated as irresponsible, adults are still talking to them that must create the future. Did the previous adults not say the same about us? And we still sing the same song! The youth cannot change the world without us. They cannot change the world if they are lead to believe that the educational, governmental and economic systems of today are the answer. We know today it is not the case. Let us look at the needs of any society to survive:
1. Jobs
2. Food
3. Shelter
4. Safety
5. Free quality education
This is not expensive and not impossible. Often large amounts of moneys are spent on future issues before the basic needs of the society are seen to. If needs are well serviced the necessary finance will be created for any long term research for future growth. If the above is not done, millions will be spent to fight crime and heal the broken society, because of the lack of their above needs. Let us take responsibility for ourselves and our children. Let's not fall into the trap of debt to educate our children at institutions that even lack quality of delivery. Let us not involve ourselves in feel-good talk-shops that feed media employment of a select enfranchised few, but fails to transform service delivery. Our duty, as adults, is to ensure that every school- and college leaver has a job, which stimulates their financial and emotional development to ensures that they are able to marry and fend for a healthy, new family to grow society even stronger than ourselves - by God's Will. The first work experience of our youth straight from an educational institute should be up-market and stimulating enough to nurture opportunities to advanced their learning so that their young family has informed parents. Do we have this situation at present? Who are we waiting for? We have all experienced that modern governments often do not really see to the society, but rather use society for their own agenda's. Is it now time for society to take the responsibility of caring for their youth in a manner that their youth will admire them and care for them when we no longer can?

At present our youth have developed a mistrust in the adult community, hence the increased drug abuse, even by young office workers - who are going through life feeling alone and vulnerable with no-one to depend on except a bank that sells credit to choke them even into the future. Now let's get off the train of complaint and start riding the horse of power - creating jobs and free tertiary education for our youth. This is how it will work, by The Grace of The Almighty God, Who has long advised us to give charity, for HE will pay us back 10 to 1000 and more fold. What better kind of charity than to invest in the future of our youth with only a donation of R100 a month? The details will follow. It is not rocket science to employ youth. It just needs a pure heart, trust in God and the preparedness to give a small amount regularly for the future of another person's child. Your children will be cared for by God as your charity finds its way into trustworthy people's hands who really care for the future of our children - and who work creatively to stimulate old markets and create new ones.

The Islamic Dynasties grew so fast because they valued learning, because Islam teaches that learning and working from the cradle to the grave, as high levels of devotion. The Muslim leadership of the time invested in scholars - they did not pay fees to learn - they were paid a salary to learn. Those who researched and used libraries regularly, were paid a salary - what a way to encourage quality scholarship and hence practical development of cities? It is no wonder Muslims, during the Golden Era of Islamic Rule, lead the world into scientific research, medical advancement, chemistry, algebra, physics and exquisite art and architecture. To restore this kind of honour for learning, research, art and effective city planning, by paying the youth good salaries, is exciting. We aim - by The Grace of God - to create qualitative and honourable jobs for our youth. Jobs that will add value to the society of whom all can feel proud of creating together. There is one restriction to the youth employment project proposed here. We appeal to all young Muslim working people, between the age of 25 and 40 years to support this qualitative youth employment project, to ensure a new society that will serve all - Muslim and non-Muslims, through the energy of our youth and the blessed contributions of the young job-holders in the industry. Let's look forward to creating a new, qualitative and progressive society - blessed and energised by charity and activated by working youths in developmental and creative jobs that restore, sustain, develop and advance society - By The Grace and Mercy of The Almighty Allah.

In a new world that crashed after years of depending on interest-related transactions, I herewith appeal to our senses to put our faith and trust in God's Advice to develop a society through charity for youth employment - the new world people, who have realised the power of charity, now call the support of others "Creative Capitalism" - whatever name they want to give charity - there is definitely a resurgence of charity and faith in God - a natural response when man gets into difficulty - but some when help comes from God, forgets Who to thank. May God keep us among those who thank Him. Let it be made clear that I am not using the Name of God to extract money from people. For every cent received and allocated to youth employment I shall ensure that proper financial records be kept and all contributors have access to the financial statements yearly - Inshaa Allah Aameen.

Why encourage only Muslims to participate in the Youth Employment Project, but a preparedness to help all?

The Holistic Leisure Learning (HLL) Model of education has been structured from the Qur'an. The school and its projects are primarily guided by Islamic concepts. All donations to the school and its endeavours can only be received from Muslims. All funds will be used to employ youth who completed their schooling at ICRA Comprehensive School(ICS). Any non-Muslim Child who spent his/her school years at ICS will form part of the ICS Squad and will benefit fully from its projects with no prejudice.

What Kind of Employment will be available in the ICS youth employment project
2.Personal tutors for ICS learners and learners at other schools where teachers are ICS Youth sponsors
3. Food gardening
4.Sport trainers, organisers and groundsmen
5.Frail Care
6.Home, school maintenance and Repairs Specialists
7. Islamic Tourism Guides
8. Researchers
9. Self-defense instructors
10 Business Promotions and Advertising agents
11. Computer and Network Support persons
12. Bo-Kaap Artists that capture the spirit of Bo-Kaap's Life and architecture
13. Educational Resource developers
14. Drama and Theatre Production House - performing School Setworks
15. Exhibitors of Artifacts, Crafts and Culture
and many more..

Youth who completed their schooling at ICS and who are employed by ICS, will be able to choose from the above careers, that which they find appealing and in which they would want to become exceptional professionals in. Youth include any young person between the age of 16-35yrs that are unemployed, eager to work, but struggling  to find work the formal sector - they may also be married, but struggling to sustain themselves and their family. Our project aims to empower of people to sustain themselves and add to the development of the society - in shaa Allah.

Youth who are employed by ICS will be expected to continue their tertiary education with ICS - free - within the field of their work or in other fields of their interest. Their dedication to their work and studies will ensure their continued employment with ICS.

Who are the people who will support This ICS Youth Employment Venture

1. Individuals who are spiritual - they know that life is more that what is visible and more powerful through belief in Allah (SWT) and who do not trust in man/machine/money/politics/position
2. Individuals who are not wrapped up within themselves and their immediate family, but have the concern for others
3. Individuals who appeal to the Creator to accept their charity for personal cleansing so that they may be granted the success in this life and the next - through serving Allah (SWT) with their thoughts, lives and property - without depriving themselves of their duty to nourish themselves and their families without excess
4. These individuals are realistic in that they know that their attempt to help others in service and respect of The Creator's Advice to help others, will result in the Creator loving them and Providing for them without boundaries/measure.
5. They are people who love seeing youth able to fend for themselves and creating a success for themselves
6. These individuals, who support the youth employment project of ICS, are those who are not egotistical, not self-centred, and not of those who look for excuses not to help others.

Where will all the money go?

All moneys will be used to pay all youth members employed by ICS. No adult who manage the funds will receive any salary/ honorarium for any work done. This is to ensure that all the money intended for youth employment goes to them as ICS employees. Adults shall have patience to wait for the multiplier effect of the project through the economy and the blessings of the Creator for their work in establishing youth employment, Contributors will be able to see the financial statements periodically to keep up- to-date with the progress of the ICS youth-employment


Be so kind to Contact Us

It will be highly appreciated if interested individuals, of the calibre as stated above, can contact us through my email address

Progress Report
1. 7/6/2011 - we have, Alghamdu lil-laah received our first sponsor and have employed our first youth as a school maintenance and development specialist. His father taught him well and we have the expertise to teach him more. He studies with us to improve his academics and his maintenance skills. We shall -Inshaa Allah, issue him with diploma's as he progresses with us. We thank the regular donor. May Allah (SWT) increase your risq Inshaa Allah. A 13-year old from Durban has offered her help on the project. We have offered her a rep position to encourage donors to contact us. When we identify her authenticity, and she brings donors to us we shall reward her accordingly as a rep of the ICS youth employment project.
7 Dec 2017 Employed 4 regular youth members in Assessments, Foundation Phase teaching, Maths and Afrikaans Tutoring
Paid for the Qualifications of Three First Aiders to serve different areas - Alghamdu lilllaah
The Banner printed Yesterday - allowing for Public Awareness and a new job for Youth in Promotions


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